The Unholy Alliance of Big Banking, Neocons, Big Media and Israel

There is an unholy alliance of big banking, neocons, big media and Israel. While most of those relationships remain hidden from public view, there is a concrete revealed manifestation of that relationship in the granting of oil exploration rights in the Golan Heights. The nation of Israel granted Genie Energy, a corporation, exploration rights in the Golan Heights for oil.

Now, the Golan Heights is controlled by Israel but belongs to Syria. If Assad or any strong leader in Syria is ousted and the country becomes a divided nation, Israel will have access to that oil.

The shareholders who are on the advisory board are from banking, Jacob Rothschild, from the neocons, Dick Cheney, from the pro Israel media, Rupert Murdoch.

From the Wikipedia article entitled "Genie Energy", we see that Genie previously announced a strategic advisory board whose members provide strategic direction and council. Its members include former Vice President Dick Cheney, Michael Steinhardt, Jacob Rothschild, and Rupert Murdoch.[2]

This cabal rarely shows it's unity, but greed for oil trumps all, I guess. Never forget, readers, that this cabal manifestation exists so that you will understand the who, why, and how with regard to world control. 

Now, we have to remember that the ultimate goal of Israel is world domination. We also need to know that the neocons sacrificed citizens of the United States in the 9/11 conspiracy. I wrote about that in my ebook: False Flag Murdering Neocon Crazies.

But Americans have blinders on until it is too late. The plan for Israel's control of the middle east is starting to form. Regime change has happened in Iraq, Libya, Syria and for a time in Egypt. 

Americans need to pay attention to the middle east. And Americans need to support peace and vote out any politician that seeks to support war in the middle east.

Israel has a plan to weaken America, to divide America through gun control, the use of guns on each other, the race war, etc. Much of that disturbance is being fomented by the neocons who support the plan for Israel world conquest.

Now, the big oil men may ultimately stop this Israeli world desire as well as our military, but that is
in no way guaranteed. Continuing education as to the plan of the Jewish state is crucial. Citizens need to know the truth.

This article is no defense of dictatorial Arab oppression of citizens. But it puts the conflict in proper perspective. The Israelis and neocons involved in the 9/11 murder of our people didn't properly care for the citizens of our country. They view it moral to kill Americans.

And that is unacceptable. God will one day judge these evildoers. In the meantime. seek peace and let Israel go it alone. It is one thing to help Israel defend herself. I don't have a problem with that. But that is rarely needed.

But I do not support the Greater Israel plan for expansion into an empire, and neither should any American.

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  1. You know what, if you changed the word Neocon to Globalist and stopped giving the liberals a break you would have me the great and wondrous MacJam as an admirer. High Gary where you been missed you over at BIN. I am pretty impressed by the sheer volume of your writings especially considering the subject matter on most of it. Have a good one.

  2. Hey Mac, I am still commenting over at BIN. Thanks for stopping by. I am sure that neoconservatism is a form of globalism, but not all globalists support neoconservatism. I don't think Soros, for example, supports the neocon wars in the middle east.

    And the UK vote to not support war with Syria, which is part of the Yinon Plan for middle east domination is certainly curious.

  3. Zbigniew Brzezinski & George Soros are Earthly incarnations of the Devil Himself nothing good ever comes from those two men i mean CREATURES. And Brer Rabbit is a trickster character in folktales of African, African-American, and Native American Culture. You should study up on Brer Rabbit he is an object lesson that should make a few things clear to you. I have not seen a post by you at BIN for a couple of weeks and i do not recognize your style under a different name. But i have been pretty busy so i have not been able to devote as much time to perusing as normal.
    Well have a good one see you around.

  4. Hey Mac I have commented on a few articles, like the one about the court agreeing with the guy that the BBC lied about 9/11!

    I agree with you that just being a globalist is evil. But, there are globalists who want to do it with money and globalists who want to do it with war. Picking my poison, I would rather be screwed by the money globalists. :))

  5. I know i might sound defeatist but i have resigned myself to observer commentator as we, Humanity round the drain.
    Lovers of money are the root of all Evil and War..

  6. Totally agree. Look at this Mac:

  7. I have used this forum before although it was some time ago, and i did not have to go through an approval process whats the deal?
    And the Money & Housing Industry is done for so is every thing else for that matter. The whole recovery thing is a giant lie we are now on a death watch, days,weeks,months a year or two the the most. But it is over, War is in the air and the entire World economy is planned to go down ushering in the "New World Order" we have heard so much about.
    And the real nature of that remains to be seen. But it won't be pretty

  8. I responded to you yesterday but apparently it was not acceptable because it did not post again whats the deal it was not racy or profane or anything disturbing.
    Who decides what is acceptable here?

    1. Hi Mac, no your post was fine. I have been away from the computer some lately, because of other committments. I look for posts daily, and your posts are fine and I appreciate them. I approve the posts because there have been some professional spammers coming around. Please keep posting. You will be accepted!!

      BTW, Mac, the recovery is a lie, but the question is whether there can be anything done about it. I say government can take over from the Fed if it has the will to do so. People need jobs and better pay. That is tough in a world of massive advantage to the capitalists, but if nothing is done, I think the world economy will suffer from the US failure to be the purchaser of last resort.

      No one spends like a US shopper and if you kill that shopper, you may kill the world economy. I think people are resilient, and will seek multigenerational living or whatever it takes to survive. I see that in Las Vegas, and hope people just are smart.

    2. I think that going back to Carter "they" have been trying to bring the USA down in an effort to install World Government but every time "they" have tried American ingenuity went around "their" efforts. Well i think "they" have finally cut off all the back roads around "their" efforts completely eliminating industry from the USA.
      Besides all that i think there are two distinctly different things going on here and i think that the underlings to the main thrust of the "they" that are trying to gain Global Government may not be aware of the real threat to humanity.
      And things like ignoring Fukushima and the seeming enthusiastic promotion of absolute chaos "DISTRACTION" is I believe to cover up a much more devastating problem than simple political ambition and Global domination.
      And like i already said i do not think everyone in high places is in on it,
      When i was about 30 i read a book called order out of chaos that pretty much describes every thing that is going on now (there are two books by that name one has to physics and one is about the Illuminati and their plans) . but it seems to be going sideways into the "makes no absolutely no sense" at all category and i think it is because of a natural disaster that is a regular occurrence that the original planers where not aware of due to technical limitations of the time. Now it would seem that "they" have pulled out all the stops since 1983 and are actively planning for a complete planet wide catastrophe, "they" have squeezed every available dollar-money out of the people of the World and put every Country so far in debt that the numbers are unfathomable the USA real debt alone is in the quadrillions and the World debt is even more unbelievable. They have been building underground bases all over the World and seed vaults all over the world not to mention tons other very suspicious things. And who knows what kinds of technologies they have developed to save their own butts. Maybe even off World technologies beyond imagination. Ya i am nuts i know.

    3. I am quite sure that the neocons are planning for nuclear war. Eagleburger said as much on Kudlow before he died. He was a pure and crazy neocon. The question boils down to whether cooler heads will prevail. I am not so sure. Like I say a lot, you can't make loans, bansters, when the nukes are flying.

    4. When are you going to see they are all on the same team, Bilderberg, Trilateral commission, Council on Foreign Relations they run the freakin World. There is no real distinction between left and right neocon and progressive NONE. Its a two lane one way road the only difference that i can see is the left lane is the fast lane and the right lane is the slightly slower lane. Ya there are those with high ideals on both sides but they are run over by the will of the Globalists. The fact that they are successful at getting the people on the right to point at the left and say they are the EVIL ones and that they can get those on the left to point at the right and say no they are the EVIL ones just blows me away. All the while they hide in plain sight and are thought of as benign.

    5. They are on the same team except that some firmly oppose military involvement in the middle east. That is fact. Many of the globalists know that we cannot continually spit in the face of Russia without serious consequences. But you may end up being correct in the long run.

      As an example of chinks in the Yinon Zionist armor we just have to look at Daniel Pipes, who now is curiously against regime change in Syria. That may be a short term view on his part to let Al Qaida die down, I don't know. But it does seem to go against the Yinon dogma.


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