A Tea Party Republican Just Implied that We should Worship the Bankers

David Limbaugh, a Tea Party fellow, says Obama demonizes wealth. However, we all know, and this blog has stated for years, that the Tea Party has always been pro banker. You readers, or many of you, are fooled into thinking that the bankers did not do anything wrong in the housing bubble.

Obama supports real business. He wants the government open up so that the small business administration loans can go through. But the so called party of small business, the Republican Party, keeps it closed.

But I was right all along that the Tea Party leaders love the banksters. I wrote about that years ago. They tried to show they were against the bankers. But when I saw Hennessy, founder of the St Louis Tea Party right after the Santelli rant, hanging around Kudlow on CNBC, I knew that the tea Party was a lie. It remains a pitiful and disgusting lie.

Shame on you Tea Party. You have fooled the Faux viewers and most CNN viewers, but you haven't fooled everybody.

When you realize that the bankers loaned money they knew could not be paid back, they were breaking the FIRREA Act of 1989. They were in the wrong. They were not free market capitalists. They were fraudsters.


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