From a Business Insider Comment We See Racism or Something Sinister at Work Against Obama

An astute fellow, with the handle DJMidwest, posted this on Business Insider, which is worth repeating this morning:

Eric Cantor and John Boehner both voted for a no strings attached increase Debt Ceiling by $800 billion dollars November 2004 when GB2 needed to borrow money for trillions of dollars of unfunded spending he pursued by attaching (sic) the Middle East. Mich McConnell did as well. Now because there is a black man in charge, they have problem? Would they be doing the same terrorist behavior if it was a Mitt Romney presidency? The level of hypocrisy is impressive due to the fact the Republicans assume the Sheeple will not notice or have the attention span of a gnat come 2014 election cycle.

Here is an article published by Politifact showing the majority of real debt has been accumulated under Republican administrations. GB2 actually doubled the debt under his watch and gave a extra dollop of crap that Obama inherited.

The only way we can get out of this log jam is to put everything on the table. The Democrats want to avoid cutting into the bone of entitlements for the millions of struggling families, and the Neo-Cons want to avoid anything that will raise revenue via tax reforms or not protect the Military Industrial Complex.

We have a schizophrenic Congress that have a conflicting Fight Club dual mentality. Republicans want to defend libertarian/Randian/von Mises supply side economic model, while the Dems favor Keynesian economic policy. This has escalated the debt when trillions of dollars are spent on unfunded wars, corporate and private welfare, and regressive tax policies when Republican administrations/majorities are in power, and Keynesian deficit spending models to reduce the impact of economic recessions occurring when Dems are in power (or many times for the convenience of Neo-Cons like Dick Cheney). Keynesian theory should work when the Federal government increases revenue after economic recessions to re-balance the coffers. Instead we have the opposite in giving away revenue further increasing the debt.
The only way we can get out of this mess is that the Government needs to be making surpluses and not giving them away like GB2 did withe the surpluses given to him by Clinton. Cutting expenses (including pet DEM/GOP projects) and increasing progressive taxes are the only way out. I suggest everyone re-read the Simpson Bowles Commission conclusions as a good starting point. Entitlements are unnecessary expenses and earned privileges depending on your POV. The GOP and Dems are guilty of twisting logic to defend or criticize and it is getting worse . Shared pain...isn't that what the right thing to do? One dollar reduction in Dem entitlements for every dollar of reduced tax entitlements like Big Ag CRP and billions used for propping up foreign governments buying our military hardware favored by the GOP?. How about make lobbying illegal and reclassify it for what is extortion and bribery. Make corporations responsible for their own pension funding instead of handing the bill to the Federal Government. How about means testing SS instead of only focusing on means testing the ACA as proposed by some in the Senate. Allow Medicare to negotiate for lower Rx costs that waste billions. How about expanding the IG's role and give them real teeth to ferret out and prosecute fraud when businesses cheat the government...
Lets put it all on the table shall we? And lets not let unlimited dark money influence the democratic process. If corporations are people I would like to ask why they don't go to prison.

And while we are at it make all of Congress work for minimum wage and pay for their own health care perks just like millions of their constituents until they solve the problem.


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