I Don't Trust Diane Feinstein and California Should Not Either

Diane Feinstein is a snake. And if you don't believe it let me try to persuade you.

The most blatant error Mrs Feinstein made was to say the free speech was a privilege, not a right. For that statement alone, she should be booted out of the senate and all political office. She must be unseated in the next election, preferably by the Democrats. 

Her views were creepily similar to Lindsey Graham who was another loose cannon senator who needs to be removed. He said bloggers should not have full privileges of free speech, until he backed off. Both Feinstein and Graham oppose media shield laws for bloggers who aren't paid by main stream media. They have to go!

The second error she made was her statement that we should not spy on our allies. Now, NSA is in hot water for spying on US citizens overzealously. But spying on our allies includes spying on Israel. We know that Israel spies extensively on the United States.

So when Feinstein says no spying on allies, I personally believe she has an ulterior motive. She says that the spying should be stopped on, for example, the German prime minister. Yet I believe she has an ulterior motive to prevent spying on Netanyahu.

But we should be spying on Netanyahu, as Israel could get us entangled in World War 3. We need to know what is going on in that country. 

Don't be fooled, Feinstein supports regime change. She has never come out and said much about it, but she seeks it and wanted attacks on Syria for chemical weapons, even though it is likely that the government of Syria did not do the attacks.

Regime change is the plan thought up by the Israeli's, namely Oded Yinon. It was thought up years ago but has been adopted by the neocons and so since George W Bush, it is being implemented. Even Obama seeks some regime change though he draws the line at Iran.

Back to Feinstein. She is a militant Zionist in sheeps clothing. She needs to be removed from office for this lack of candor, alone.

The goal of the Zionist is to weaken the USA, to divide the country, to incite conflict. Gun rights are on the docket. But so are social programs. Anything to weaken the US is ok for a militant Zionist.

I am not a big fan of guns, but I personally believe that the establishment would rather that US citizens be disarmed. Considering that Jews suffered at the hands of Hitler after being disarmed, one wonders what the motive of Feinstein really is.

It is time that real Jews and descendents of Jews (my natural father was Jewish), stand up to the militant Zionists. Diane Feinstein refuses to believe 9/11 was a conspiracy. She is in government and knows better. She is a traitor, in my view. She is an insider to conspiracy, in my view.

It is time to stop trusting Diane Feinstein, California! 

I know that the white supremacists and other weirdos say some of the things stated here, but even a rat can have some truth. Anyone who uses my writings to promote racism of any kind is an idiot.   


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