John Boehner is a Coward for Being Afraid of the Tea Party

John Boehner is a coward. He could allow a vote to open the government, and it would pass. The fringe Tea Party is in the minority, even in the House of Representatives.

That fact makes Boehner spineless. He is a man with no spine and no conviction and no character.

The Republicans are showing themselves unfit to rule day by day.

I wrote in the ebook on Amazon, False Flag Murdering Neocon Crazies, that the Republicans are not fit to rule because of the false flags they have done and have called for.

But not even being able to continue the economy through adopting a budget shows they are unfit to rule domestically as well.

It is time the American people vote them out before they do any more damage. Republicans must go.

Then you watch the Democrats like hawks to make sure they are slow to war and supportive of the American national interest.


  1. Hi Gary, interesting post. I think as I have said in our other discourses that Boehner should be fired and Reid and Pelosi as well as some others also. In fact I like to see all the career politicians that spend their whole time in office building their own wealth get the hell out of our government. None of them are fir to govern. I also believe that when they blatantly lie to the people they need to be have their employment terminated. They seem to forget they work for us not the other way around.

    1. Well, one problem with that is that politicians just in it for a few years could become even more corrupted than the ones we have now are. I think people who don't know their way around the system could be easy targets for the moneyed elite. JMO.


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