Netanyahu Is Lying About the Establishment of a Great Persian State on Piers Morgan

Prime minister Netanyahu of Israel was speaking about a great Persian state on Piers Morgan. I question the sincerity of this talk. I believe that Netanyahu must come clean on his position regarding regime change and the Yinon Zionist plan.

Netanyahu will never give up on the Yinon Plan. Regime change is a serious foreign policy position of Israel. It is being carried out in Somalia, in Libya, in Iraq, with failure in Egypt, and in progress in Syria.

The arming of rebels is contrary to any common sense. But Israel wants to US to continue doing this.

Here is the ultimate goal of Israel, to disarm Iran, but then to undermine Iran. It is one thing to seek disarmament of Iran, if the prime minister would leave it at that. But he won't.

Netanyahu said to Morgan that Israel is stable in an unstable region. This is the goal, the equilibrium sought by the Yinon Zionist Plan!

Americans need to wake up to this. Israel simply does not want peace. We will never have peace if we continue as the proxy for Israel in the middle east. The neocons want this and they are leading us down a very dangerous path.

Morgan asked if turmoil was ok with Netanyahu. He knows all about the Yinon Plan. He is likely working for the interest of Israel. Wake up Americans!


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