Remember This Budget Crisis and Rip the Republicans a New Asshole at the Next Election

Clearly the Republicans are the drivers of this budget crisis. They naively thought they could get rid of Obamacare instead of making it better. No one denies it needs to be made better.

But to do damage to visitors to national parks, putting some in danger, and not allowing tests for cancer patients is just evil. These Republicans are evil.

Here is what it boils down to. The Democrats are willing to compromise on spending as long as spending for social programs are not gutted. All the Republicans have to do is compromise on raising taxes on the wealthy who are making out like bandits.

But they won't, because the bandits don't want to pay another dime.

Americans who agree with the Republicans are just plain stupid.  The top 1 percent of the people control at least 34 percent of the wealth.

The income inequality is having a profound affect on commodity prices, and stocks, as these folks can literally push up the price of oil, food, stocks and cause you to pay too much. With such a large portion of wealth, these people can corner markets, manipulate prices, and diminish the middle class.

And folks, that is exactly what is happening, so why would you average Joes want to support that? It makes no sense. You will never be where they are and what little wealth you could accumulate is diminished by their market cornering!

Wake up sleepy Americans.


  1. You are right on target Gary, but the Conservative Republicans are so blinded by their self-serving greed and arrogance, they can't see the forest for the trees. Their short memories about the ramifications of their actions were quickly forgotten. Vote anti-incumbent and clean the House.

  2. An anti incumbent movement may destroy more Democrats who want compromise than Republicans who don't.


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