A Wildlife Ranger Shed Real Tears about the Elephants and Rino's, Not Like Sandy Hook Actors

I was watching a program today with the royal family, which is the figurehead of financial evils in the Square Mile, and watched elephants and rhino's beign slaughtered.

First, there is enough money around the wealthy to stop this evil killing for tusks, but the will isn't there.

Anyway, the rhino walking around without his horn was heartbreaking and he would eventually die. It was cruel and it was evil.

But the wildlife ranger in his love for animals shed real tears, and cried his eyes red. Robbie Parker of Sandy Hook could not do that for a child he lost 30 hours earlier, which of course means he lost no child 30 hours earlier.

Just like the killing of animals unjustly in Africa, the false flags and hoaxes against the United States by British, US and Israeli Zionist interests is cruel and unjust.

The fake tears of all these actors and actresses are compared to the real tears of a Ranger who loved his animals and could not stand the pain of seeing them brutalized.

This world is evil and if anyone thinks otherwise, they are fools. Stop the killing of the rhinos and the elephants and stop the false attacks and hoaxes upon the American people.


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