Bitcoin Could Be a Threat to National Sovereignty If Accepted As World Currency

Bitcoin is not the Edison dollar, but rather is a global currency that could, down the line, play into the plans of the international banksters for a new world order currency. They virtually have a new financial order now, but this currency would certainly solidify that position.

So, Bitcoin could be actually unpatriotic. Our institutions mean something. They would mean less if we had a world currency. All the rule of law that we have, however imperfect it has become, would be even more threatened in a world currency system, with Bitcoin as the central currency.

This is what the bankers want. They want total control, and you could not even have access to cash with Bitcoin.

Ben Bernanke supports Bitcoin. That is a bad sign if his support goes beyond his current support of it as a payment system. Business Insider generally supports Bitcoin. That is a bad sign. It means that the forces of Wall Street, the Square Mile, etc, supports the new world currency. And that could be very bad.

The Department of Homeland Security has opposed the criminal activities inherent in Bitcoin, but the Fed, on page 10 of the pdf, has reiterated Bernanke's support for Bitcoin as a secure method of payment. While that is a long way from supporting Bitcoin as being the method of payment, replacing the dollar, it still is a concern.

What easier way to build a world order with the pitfalls it entails than to use one international currency. We are far away from that. For example, a car dealer sold a sports car, a Tesla, in Costa Mesa, Ca, by accepting payment in dollars, but the payment system was set up through Bitcoin.

It was erroneously reported that the dealer accepted Bitcoin, but I listened to the interview he gave on CNBC and he said he would not have carried out the transaction without being paid in dollars. 

So, let's hope it stays that way for our sovereign national interest. Bitcoin as a secure payment system could be ok, but Bitcoin as payment currency would be quite another danger.


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