Haaretz Says Russian Oligarchs Were Also Israeli Citizens, Just Like Our Neocons!

I will say upfront that I am not an expert in Russian affairs. But a Business Insider comment section and an article in Haaretz have opened my eyes to the influence Zionism has had in the Russian economy.

I will post a couple of comments from the Business Insider article How The 2003 Arrest Of The Richest Man In Russia Changed Everything — And What Happens Next

The article itself is pretty lame. You can glean a little but not a lot. The comment section should win a prize for literature, however. I will post a few of the comments here to inform you as to what is happening, what even Harretz has admitted is going on with the Russian Oligarchs. The first comment is sarcasm at its best although people must realize that most Jews do not act this way. Zionist power is corrupting, and has created havoc in Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union:
 I was moved to tears by this horrible tale of Mr. Khodorkovsky thrown in jail, and wish to thank BI for bringing this travesty to light (with the help of zionist shills). How could this happen? Then the answer hit: this was Russia! And in Russia, criminals go to jail!
That is why so many congressmen, the White House, and all the New York intelligentsia are up in arms about Mr. K being tossed in the slammer. If he were poor & non-Jewish, no one in this country would give a fuck about another crook being locked up in Russia. But being wealthy, Jewish, and a crook, that makes a huge difference, because we do not treat our wealthy criminals this way in the US. If you are rich, no matter what you've done, or who you are, you are not jail bait, you are a respected member of the 1%, which gives you a free pass for whatever it is you've done or want to do. Run a hedge fund, a casino, a movie to glorify America, or it's 51st State of Israel? Hey, go for it. The money is easy & oh yes, the chicks are too.
My god, it is over 40 years since I was a stock broker & knew about Bernie Madoff. Why do you think it took the Feds 40 years to nail Bernie? Well, being rich & Jewish, everyone looked the other way. It is beyond belief that his clearing firm and lender (JP Morgan?) did not know what was going on all those decades. That is why the establishment is so upset with Russia: it does not play ball like the Americans do, via wars, spreading fake democracy, financial engineering and scams that earn our oligarchs & multi-nationals money for nothing and a do-not-go-to jail pass. You gotta love American Exceptionalism!

 And here is another great comment from the same article:

Summary: Putin told Khodorkovsky and the others to pay taxes or go to jail. Khodorkovsky did not agree, and enters politics, tries to sell his oil assets to foreigners. Khodorkovsky is arrested. Tax revenue jumps three fold the next year. Everything else in the article is sensationalized journalism. Khodorkovsky is a criminal who was given a chance to go clean. Abramovich and others paid taxes, and were left alone. Those who weren't were warned of the results, and it's because they were convinced that they can continue doing what they were doing without consequence.
So, in a nutshell, some oligarchs were allowed to come in and buy crushed assets from the credit crisis in Russia that destroyed the value of said assets in 1997. The oligarchs bought up assets for pennies on the dollar, sort of like the same Zionist hot money bought up the assets of America after the housing bubble and crash. In both cases many people have suffered.

The hope that Putin had was that these oligarchs would at least attempt to restore the power and tax base of the government, but again, as in the USA, the wealthy offshored most of the income. This theft of assets hurt Russia just like it causes massive deficits in the United. States. Offshore squireling away of money kills the poor, causes the poor and elderly to get their benefits cut, just to please the swindlers who caused the financial crises in the first place!

But in the case of Russia, Putin was onto some of these oligarchs and imprisoned them, and tried to confiscate wealth for the state. The state has a right to levy taxes, and the oligarchs were incredibly greedy and self centered, you know, like the libertarians.

Haaretz virtually admitted that these Russian oligarchs hid assets in Israel while keeping their duel citizenship alive. (Some of Our Neocons Were Called Out for Duel Citizenship.) They also hide massive assets in the UK which is also pro Zionist according to the Yinon Plan for Israeli domination. The Rothschild name keeps popping up when it comes to central banks and UK finance.  

I have written an audiobook about the connection of the Anglo-American Empire to regime change in the Middle East, which is US policy since 2001, to the housing bubble, and to the occupation of the Palestinians. This empire is ambitious and very connected, but subtle. In part, I discuss Israel Shahak, a Jewish hero, and the Yinon Zionist plan which is on the net and everyone should read it. Shahak opposed the plan for world domination by the Zionists. He believed they would gain the upper hand in the US, and in Russia. 
It turns out, in Russia, the oligarchs were beaten back by Putin, while our butt licking presidents, George W Bush and Barack Obama cater to the big money even as it hides offshore and destroys the poor, elderly and middle class. 
The only thing Obama has going for him is the hope for peace with Iran. But he has been terrible in his failure to prosecute our oligarchs. In this, Putin is more of a man to be admired than our own presidents. Sad, isn't it? 

My natural father was Jewish and I am adopted. I believe that the Yinon Plan, the financial attacks by the wealthy, and the fusion of the two is wicked, even Satanic, and that there is a better way.


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