This is the Definitive Video on the Sandy Hook Hoax. Zionism Run Amok Must Be Contained

This is the definitive video that exposes Sandy Hook as the massive hoax that it was. And most likely nobody died. But it is like a false flag, against gun owners and against an armed citizenry. I was for gun control until I learned about this evil and wicked Zionist scam.

My natural father was Jewish and I am adopted, but I oppose Zionist/Neocon/Bankster control of the United States. It must be opposed by all of us. This hoax means that the warning by Israel Shahak that the press of the USA would do the will of the Zionists is true. Shahak was a Jewish hero. I wrote about it here.

Be armed if you choose to be, but be peaceful, my friends. We can beat this by refusing debt, by living multigenerationally if necessary, and by not spending all our money. That will force the cabal to pay us more and help us more, but only if we stop the hiding of money offshore by the uber rich.

Besides no tears on and on with everyone of these actors, you will find out things that will make you wonder in this video. I am including my comments on this wonderful video below the video:

1. Robbie wasn't angry, saying the man who killed his child had a GOD GIVEN RIGHT to kill the child, and he is only concerned about taking care of his family. This is such a hoax as to be insulting, Bigsby.

2. So, the video goes on to say that Adam Lanza was said to be developmentally disabled, yet he was smart enough to enroll in high school after HIS SOPHOMORE YEAR.
He was gone for three years, disappeared completely after maintaining a good GPA in college after his sophomore year. Yet he was autistic and developmentally disabled. Come on Bigsby.
He had no facebook, twitter, and no evidence of his life after 2009.
His Jewish girl buddy ended up saying on Piers NWO Morgan that she was never in any of his classes. And yet she was introduced as a classmate. This girl is lying on many levels. Lanza's mom was not a teacher, but she says she was a teacher. But she was not a teacher.

3. And how do you leave the rifle in the car and carry 4 handguns into the school. The news guy said that the rifle was left in the car according to "officials".
But he fired 150 rounds according to the official report. You can't fucking do that without a rifle. You can't fire 150 rounds from 4 pistols.

4. And on the video, there was a state of the art security system. And a bulletproof glass. Yet it was reported that he shot out the glass. But then he didn't shoot out the glass. So if he didn't fire bullets through the glass, how did he get in?

5. One little girl heard no gunshots and a boy heard two gunshots. And yet 150 rounds were fired? With a loud damn gun?
A lady said she heard 5 shots.
A boy said all the police officers had machine guns. Lanza had 4 pistols. So who fired the shots?

6. How could Lanza carry a shotgun, two rifles and 4 pistols. He was a wimp. Now the coroner says the wounds were caused by the long weapon. And Adam shot a green care from inside the building. But the car was facing the building yet bullets went in from different directions from the school window. The car was hit from the SIDE.
And there are exit holes in the green car. How did that happen? Was someone shooting from inside the car?

7. The video shows that, while Gene Rosen is not in the screen actors guild, as the debunkers gleefully state, he is very involved in LOCAL THEATER. He is an actor! How convenient.

8. Rosen said Lanza had a big and small gun. What happened to the other three pistols, the other long rifle, and the shotgun?
And why did the bus driver bypass the firehouse to put them with an actor! I bet I know why? The bus driver just leaves them on the front yard, alone? Really?
Damn hoax. Zionist hoax.

9. Then they used Allison Wyatt's photo, but it belonged to another little girl! Her mother objected to her child's photo being used for Allison Wyatt! And where did Allison Wyatt's parents go? They disappeared but they are still raising money.
Damn hoax. Zionist hoax.

Then the video goes into gun control and it is very eye opening. Fortunately, the Democrats in power, like Joe Biden, changed his mind about forwarding gun control legislation. 

Now, the problem is that the Republicans may actually want to push the Yinon Zionist foreign policy even more than the Democrats. Hope and pray if you are a Christian, that peace in the middle east with Iran becomes reality. Because the Republicans, or most of them, want war with Iran yesterday.

So, support the Democrats if you can, but make sure they oppose gun control! The Republicans facilitated 9/11 and are unfit to rule. The Dems are close to unfit but have a thread of honor and concern for the USA first. After Obama this may change as well.

Finally, the school that the cops ran into on the CNN special was NOT SANDY HOOK.  The video above proves it.


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