Wednesday, July 31, 2013

U.S. deepens scrutiny of banks' roles in commodities - Yahoo! News

U.S. deepens scrutiny of banks' roles in commodities - Yahoo! News

The ongoing investigation into bankster hoarding continues, especially since the Fed showed concern about this. Either the Fed thinks it is hurting the economy, or the Fed is afraid commodity prices will crash, hurting or wiping out the banks, or both!

Monday, July 29, 2013

JPM Accused Of Energy Market Manipulation - Business Insider

JPM Accused Of Energy Market Manipulation - Business Insider

From the Business Insider article:


(July 29, 2013)
Take notice that in a nonpublic formal investigation pursuant to 18 C.F.R. Part 1b, the staff of the Office of Enforcement of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has preliminarily determined that JP Morgan Ventures Energy Corporation (JPMVEC) violated the Commission’s Prohibition of Electric Energy Market Manipulation, 18 C.F.R. § 1c.2 (2012) by engaging in eight manipulative bidding strategies.

Staff alleges that between September 2010 and June 2011, JPMVEC engaged in five manipulative bidding strategies designed to improperly obtain payments at above-market rates from the California Independent System Operator (CAISO):

• submission of Day Ahead energy bids of -$30/MWh (the bid floor) that falsely appeared economic to the CAISO system, but in fact led to payments to JPMVEC of tens of millions of dollars at rates far above market prices when JPMVEC’s bidding strategy was fully implemented.

• submission of energy self-schedules every third hour to obtain large Day Ahead awards, combined with submission of high-priced energy bids in the intervening hours, to lead the CAISO system to pay JPMVEC at its high bid prices for ramping energy in the latter hours.

• self-scheduling the ancillary service Regulation Down while also submitting high-priced energy bids for the same hours, leading the CAISO system to pay JPMVEC millions of dollars at above-market rates for the energy needed to support the Regulation Down self-schedule.

• bidding at -$30/MWh in the final hours of Day 1, which led to large Day Ahead awards in those hours, and then bidding at $999/MWh for the opening hours of Day 2, which led the CAISO system to pay JPMVEC millions of dollars for ramping energy at $999/MWh between midnight and 2 a.m. Market prices averaged around $12/MWh during these hours of low demand.

• obtaining Day Ahead awards for ancillary services, while making energy bids that made it impossible to fulfill those awards, leading the CAISO system to pay JPMVEC its bid price of $999/MWh to exceptionally dispatch JPMVEC’s plants.

Staff alleges that between October 2010 and May 2011, JPMVEC engaged in three manipulative strategies aimed at improperly obtaining excessive payments from the Midwest Independent System Operator (MISO):

• making Day Ahead bids of -$50/MWh or -$60/MWh in the hours before midnight on Day 1, with a Minimum Run Time of four hours, to obtain a Day Ahead award in the final hours of Day 1, followed by $1,000/MWh energy bids and a (false) 20-hour Minimum Run Time on Day 2, leading the MISO system to pay JPMVEC $1,000/MWh for 14 hours on Day 2;

• submission of low bids (around $10/MWh) in odd-numbered hours and high bids (up to $178/MWh) in even-numbered hours, leading the MISO system to pay JPMVEC for ramping energy at above-market prices in the latter hours; and

• submission of -$15/MWh Day Ahead bids to get Day Ahead awards, followed by Real Time bids aimed at buying back those awards, to obtain unnecessary Day Ahead Market Assurance Payments from MISO.
Staff further alleges that JPMVEC violated Section 39.2.5.c of the MISO tariff by increasing the Minimum Run Time of the Kinder Jackson unit from the plant’s actual Minimum Run Time of four hours to 20 hours on multiple trade dates in October and November 2010.

This Notice does not confer a right on third parties to intervene in the investigation or any other right with respect to the investigation.
Kimberly D. Bose,

In my view, this is horrible electric energy manipulation, and should be severely punished. However, if you add physical hoarding of oil, and the gobbling up of futures contracts to create a false scarcity, you see very rogue elements at work in the banking system which will derail any potential economic recovery. 

The website has a revealing article showing that in 2011, blogs were aware of the hoarding taking place by Glencor, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan. 

But an interesting revelation comes from the website regarding futures contracts hoarding. Spot prices are not a value based upon supply and demand, but actually are influenced by the speculation and hoarding of contracts in the futures markets. 

And this manipulation can be done without any build up of inventories of the underlying commodity. This affirms my arguments from that time period.

Bank of Cyprus depositors lose 47.5 pct of savings - Yahoo! Finance

Bank of Cyprus depositors lose 47.5 pct of savings - Yahoo! Finance

While it is less likely, this could happen in the USA if another bailout of the banks is needed. It is called a bailin when the depositors lose money to bank recapitalization. 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Time and Money--The Cobden Centre--My Analysis

Time and Money � The Cobden Centre

 Austrian economics rejected both Monetarism and Keynesianism, because of this very thing:

Higher prices should discourage further demand, but instead encourage more people to borrow in order to play for a further rise in prices...
This is the problem. I agree with much of what is said here. However, this Austrian position does not take into consideration the hoarding that is done by the TBTF banks, nor the hoarding of futures contracts.

And there is credit that is necessary to the poor, and credit that is either too easy, or too expensive for the poor. These are the credit offerings that hurt the middle classes as well.

It is my view that the Austrians live in a dream world. Lending for houses creates a rise in prices that you don't see with a loan one gets to pay his heating bill. That is an important thing to remember.

The Austrians think nothing of allowing speculation, and hoarding, but they never saw the futures contracts' buying that actually causes scarcity, even when the underlying commodity demand is falling. That easy money at the top does encourage higher prices in the face of decreasing demand of the underlying commodity!

So, the Austrians have some truth, but are rigid. Their political philosophy of the invisible hand of self interest working toward the good of man is not rigidly correct either. I believe this:

The bankers with their housing bubbles have proven this invisible hand has a dark side, and is not the way to handle out of control bankers, by giving them every deregulation under the sun as has happened in this turn of the century.
Therefore, I reject the political will to deregulate bankers, along with the economic will to terminate all lending. However, I am in agreement with the Austrians that easy money lending without some serious collateral or at least a bank account number is hurtful to the economy in the long run. 

Keynesianism can work, but only if regulation is in place to stop the bankers from buying up the world and engaging in massive speculation. 

Radical Islam Didn't Shape the 9/11/2001 False Flag Attack

Radical Islam, the use of force and Jihad, was not the cause of 9/11. Yes, radical Islamic folks desired Jihad, but they didn't have much power or influence. They could not have pulled off 9/11 by themselves, and the truth is, they may have been only marginally involved. Truth is, the neocons shaped and used the tendency toward Jihad, which most Americans should not and do not sanction.

It is difficult to sort out the scope of Islamic involvement in 9/11, but the US architects of the false flag were very involved, and were able to make these deeds happen. They left a few loose ends, that direct people to their involvement. They did make mistakes causing people to doubt their veracity.

My ebook, False Flag Murdering Neocon Crazies comes to terms with the real thinking of the neocons, exposing just what is in their hearts for all to see. It is my sincere hope that you get the book and read it. It is coming out on audiobook, reachable at the same link as the ebook. Look for it.

The ebook could change your life and your thinking going forward.

'Knowledge Economy' Will Soon Count As Investments — Making The US Economy Look Better

'Knowledge Economy' Will Soon Count As Investments — Making The US Economy Look Better - Business Insider

Just another phony way to make the economy look like it is growing faster than it is. Shameful. 

The Truth about Detroit and Wall Street Interest Rate Swaps Scams

This is the truth about Detroit, and it is time that people wake up to what the Republican governor of Michigan and the turncoat emergency mayor are doing:

The city should walk away from the interest rate swaps forced upon them by the banksters. These were a con. The governments look to protect against higher interest rates. The tbtf banks know Bernanke has their backs and won't allow higher interest rates. So the banks bet on low rates. The governments can't get loans without having interest rate swaps forced upon them. It is a massive scam against the city and governments everywhere. It is a Wall Street Scam. And so, the emergency mayor is a turncoat Wall Street supporter. Michigan messed up in electing Republicans to bail out Wall Street here.
People need to wake up. This bankruptcy of Detroit is all about Wall Street. 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Here Is My Opinion About Most Jews and Israel in a Nutshell

 I hope people would take the time to read my opinion about the Jews in America and in Israel. I think some may agree and some not. If you do or don't, feel free to comment:

My natural father was Jewish (I am adopted), but I don't like a Federal Reserve board almost exclusively Jewish. I don't like Jewish influence on foreign policy that is excessive. I don't like neocons who are made up of Jews and Gentiles but overpopulated with Jews for sure.

So, people need to think about their place in history in a humble way instead of in an arrogant way that makes people hate you when it would not have to be that way. Many Jews are seriously lacking in humility

How American Jewish Leaders Are Undermining U.S. Foreign Policy On Jerusalem

How American Jewish Leaders Are Undermining U.S. Foreign Policy On Jerusalem - The Daily Beast

Abraham Foxman is not accepting the rule that Jerusalem's final nation or nations must yet be determined.

This is the ultimate result of changing American foreign policy from that article link:

 Considering the fact that the U.S. sees East Jerusalem as the future capital of a Palestinian state within the framework of any two-state solution, it is difficult not to see this reaction by prominent American Jewish leaders as anything but an affront to the notion of a just two-state solution, and to the U.S. effort—however meager and inconsistent it may be—at acting as an effective broker of Israeli-Palestinian peace.

Now, my natural fathe was Jewish. I am adopted. I am not Jewish but am a descendent of the Jews as to race. (Gentiles as well) I receive Mr Foxman's emails regularly.

So I emailed Mr Foxman about the false flag call by Gentile Patrick Clawson, which was explained in my ebook, False Flag Murdering Neocon Crazies, saying he or anyone else must repudiate this call for a false flag regardless of opinion on going to war with Iran.

He never responded back. And he reads his email. This is quite disturbing.

So, we have a very influential man, Foxman, now undermining US foreign policy, and now silent on the call for a false flag that likely would have occurred had Mitt Romney been elected.

This is all very disappointing. I will email this article to Mr Foxman and see if I can get a response. 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Chief Justice John Roberts: The hidden hand behind the surveillance state - Yahoo! News

Chief Justice John Roberts: The hidden hand behind the surveillance state - Yahoo! News

Just FYI, Republicans control the secret court that lets government spy more than may be constitutional in the NSA scandal. Just keep that in mind when you blame Obama alone. 

Tim Tebow calls Hernandez murder case 'heartbreaking,' defends Meyer

Tim Tebow calls Hernandez murder case 'heartbreaking,' defends Meyer

Just think, if Urban Meyer had not worked out a deal where the restaurant manager didn't file charges to being punched out by Aaron Hernandez, Odin Lloyd could still be alive. It is a shame that this bad apple was allowed to get off without a charge because of the influence of college big time football coaches.

And if you think that Meyer didn't have anything to do with getting this guy off, there is an article on USA Today showing that not to be the case.

Now, understand that Urban Meyer says he and his coaches should not be held responsible for Rogers' behavior, then or now. 

But Meyer made this strange statement:

Meyer characterized Hernandez's brushes with the law in Gainesville as "very minor stuff. He was questioned about being a witness (to a shooting), and he had an argument in a restaurant , and he was suspended one game (for a failed marijuana test, according to local reports). Other than that, he was three years a good player. That was it."
So, breaking the manager's eardrum with a punch was minor? Really?

The question then is whether Meyer's coaching staff paid off the restaurant manager to keep him from filing charges. I don't know the answer to this, but wow.

Again, Hernandez is innocent until proven guilty. So we will be watching the trial with interest. 

JPMorgan to quit physical commodity trade amid scrutiny - Yahoo! Finance

JPMorgan to quit physical commodity trade amid scrutiny - Yahoo! Finance

While JP Morgan is stopping the hoarding of commodities, it still is hoarding futures contracts or is the vehicle for wealthy folks to hoard the contracts. That raises prices too.

This hoarding has hurt the economy and the physical hoarding has shown us what an utterly depraved and slimy organization JP Morgan really is. 

New Covenant Theology: Israel blocks EU projects in West Bank - Yahoo! News

New Covenant Theology: Israel blocks EU projects in West Bank - Yahoo! News

I blogged about this stupid Israeli childishness.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Church vs. payday lenders: Whose side is God on? - Yahoo! Finance

Church vs. payday lenders: Whose side is God on? - Yahoo! Finance

Payday loans are odiously expensive. The borrowers really have to have a good means of income in order to pay the loans off quickly, or they will be eaten up in interest. This Brit says they can make money offering better terms. If that is the case I am for it. People are replacing credit cards with payday type loans. But in order for them to work for the borrower, the interest cannot be usurious.

My only problem is that lending is a secular business. Any so called church (in this case the Church of England) in the business of lending money is not what I would call a real church.

Still, payday lenders are killing the poor, financially. They need competition from somewhere. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Caterpillar Q2 Earnings - Business Insider

Caterpillar Q2 Earnings - Business Insider

This is what happens when the bankers hoard commodities and take a cut for themselves. The entire world suffers. Time for the Fed to stop this from happening. And don't let in Larry Summers for Fed chief because he allowed all the deregulation or at least helped it happen that caused the housing bubble last decade and has screwed up the middle class. 

America Becomes a Defeatist Nation | Another Dumb Yahoo Article

America Becomes a Defeatist Nation | Daily Ticker - Yahoo! Finance

This is a very ignorant Yahoo article. The truth is, CAT, which sells equipment the world over is tanking. Sales are drying up. This author does not understand that there is a near depression on main street.

Actually the author is just giving us a pep talk when the real issue is the hoarding of commodities and the hoarding of future commodities contracts, driving up prices the world over for retail goods. That is killing not only our economy, but it is killing the world economy as well.

If this were not a serious issue, then the Fed would not say anything about the physical hoarding at all. But it is a serious issue. 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lindsey Graham Wants War with Iran at the End of the Summer - Yahoo! News

Lindsey Graham Wants War with Iran at the End of the Summer - Yahoo! News

Here is a madman at work. Congress needs to stop this repugnant pig of a senator. I posted this at Yahoo where this story originated:

This is the same repugnant pig who has said bloggers should not have first amendment rights. He is a madman as are all neocons. I wrote about some of the others with an ebook False Flag Murdering Neocon Crazies and you would be shocked to know what they are up to. 

South Carolina people, you need to unseat this maniac. 

Senate Banking On Wall St. Commodities - Business Insider

Senate Banking On Wall St. Commodities - Business Insider

Here were my comments on this article about justly running over Wall Street:

It is either crush main street or crush these hell holes of greed. I hope she crushes these banks both in the physical commodity speculation and the gobbling of futures contracts. America cannot afford this any longer and neither can the world.


Coke warned Goldman a long time ago not to manipulate aluminum prices:

Real companies and the consumer are getting screwed at the pump, in the store, and Henry has been silent Linette. Time for him to speak!

It is time that our government started to protect us from the abusive hidden private tax we pay so that these banks, bailed out by us, can gouge us. Talk about an immoral bevy of beasts we have created here! Time to lop off their horns. 

Severe government penalties should result or vote any politician out that refuses to go along with that. And make the hedge funds subject to the same penalties.



This was an article way back in 2008. Turns out that this hoarding that the Fed exposed, being abused by the TBTF bankers (sters), was going on big back then as well. Sad commentary on the oppression by the uber rich on the rest of us. 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Wall St Sees Layoffs In Fed Rule Change - Business Insider

Wall St Sees Layoffs In Fed Rule Change - Business Insider

This article is exactly why bankers and Wall Street should just make you sick. Let them get real jobs. 

Detroit retirees brace for pension cuts - Encore - MarketWatch

Detroit retirees brace for pension cuts - Encore - MarketWatch

Bankruptcy is not just because of unions. It is because the Fed keeping interest rates low. It is because the city is a shell of its former self, because the industry did not quickly adapt to the Japanese competition back in the day.

Keep cutting pensions and you just shrink the middle class more and more. In the long run, add this behavior to the hoarding that is going on on Wall Street, and pretty soon the middle class of the US will be unable to buy the excess goods produced by the world.

Yes, this is killing the golden goose of world prosperity one step at a time. And then what? 

Eurozone debt burden hits all-time high in Q1 - Yahoo! News

Eurozone debt burden hits all-time high in Q1 - Yahoo! News

Euro Debt is mounting because austerity does not work. The Eurozone has to grow economically or the periphery countries will have to default, putting the world in crisis again.

But stimulus like QE in the US doesn't work much because of the hoarding of commodities by Goldman Sachs and others. We know aluminum and oil are hoarding physically. Then we can add all the commodity contracts that are hoarded.

That all pushes up the price on main street for stuff made with the commodities and when main street Europe cannot afford that tax, along with all the other taxes they pay, the economies don't grow and the debt rises. 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Goldman's Alleged Aluminum Scam: Why I Hate the Square Mile

Goldman's Alleged Aluminum Scam - Business Insider

This sick story has to do with the London Metals Exchange, a UK Square Mile beast, failing to regulate the requirement that a certain amount of commodities be transfered out of storage where it is hoarded, onto the market.

The Exchange has looked the other way while these hoarders transfer from one warehouse to another, forcing prices up in these commodities. This is just sick behavior on the part of the bankers, ie. banksters.

With regard to economic policy in relation to speculation, it isn't that Keynes couldn't work. It is just that there is so much hoarding of commodities that Keynes has no chance in our deregulated speculative markets. And even the US Fed acknowledges this when they want to stop the TBTF banks from physically hoarding commodities.

Now, that won't be enough, because there is a hoarding of contracts as well. That will have to be tackled by the Fed if it is shown that the physical hoarding halt is not enough.

In a world without hoarding by the uber rich, Keynesianism could work in moderation. But until that all changes, it won't work. Time to stop the hoarding!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

You F**king Banksters Are About to Get Yours You Bastards-From the Fed!

The Fed Says They Are 'Reviewing' Decision That Allows Banks To Trade Physical Commodities - Business Insider

Here are just some of the comments from Business Insider:

From DesTex:

Does this mean that the artificially high price of crude Oil will finally come down, as all hot money invested in it get forcefully divested?
One would hope so. But couple of weeks back when the jobless claims rose and last week when we got ominous signals from China's slowdown, the Oil price has continued its relentless upward surge. This thing has completely divorced from the laws of supply and demand and is now merely an item to speculate on. Would have been Ok, if it did not directly caused adverse effects on consumer spending and consumer confidence.
And me:

 All I can say is it is about damn time. Right Henry and Joe and Sam?

And me again:

Now all we need is a government rule for lopping heads for bankers who try to circumvent the rules.
And jamesxxxxxx:

 Commodity trading is almost pure speculation and rent-seeking - it's almost the opposite of 'capitalism'.

Can't these banks think to create some actual value for people instead of always trying to leverage their power over others?

And me again:

They would not be able to skim off the people if they could not speculate. They prefer greed over patriotism. They don't care what country, as it makes no difference. This just stops the physical trade, but they should be banned from the commodities [contracts] trading as well.

This call for rule changes makes it obvious that the banksters have so decimated MainStreet USA with financial oppression, that the Fed is doing this out of economic desperation. The Fed has admitted, in this consideration, that banks are now destroying mainstreet.

This does not stop bankers from churning contracts, making commodities scarce through making contracts scarce, even when there is plenty of the underlying commodity.

Now, there could be unintended consequences. If interest rates rise, pensions and corporations better get their money out of the TBTF banks or they could end up losing it to banks desperate for capital.

On, where I shared this article, a fellow posted that all markets are rigged. Truth is, markets are so divorced from reality that reality, mainstreet, is going down the tubes. Retail sales are very bad. Banks are destroying mainstreet as I said, and Bernanke knows it!

See also: Goldman's Bizarre Aluminum Moving Scheme

Hideki Matsuyama gets penalty for slow play

Hideki Matsuyama gets penalty for slow play - Yahoo! Sports

Anti Asian Bias at the British Open by the Brits? Another Asian gets a penalty. 

Even the Neocons Are Worse than the Banksters!

The banksters are bad, predatory sociopaths. But the neocons are worse. And it is our job to warn the greedy belly worshipping banksters that they are worse and are a threat to their way of life.

War with Iran, with Russia measuring out responses, is a bad idea. So, the banksters need to understand this. They think they can make money on the big rise in oil. That is all they think about. But if nukes are lobbed, no one will be buying gasoline to go to work now will they?

Wake up banksters. You are the scum of the earth but the neocons are still worse than you are.

Buy this book and learn what the neocons are really about:

Warmonger Sen. McCain plans to stall Dempsey's nomination

Sen. McCain plans to stall Dempsey's nomination - Yahoo! News

John McCain wants an expanded war in Syria. John McCain hates Dempsey as chief of staff of the military because Dempsey only supports limited US involvement and Dempsey hates the idea of going to war with Iran.

Bottom line: Dempsey is hated by the neocon warmongers. McCain needs to be put out to pasture by the Arizona voters before he does some real damage to world peace. 

FedEx Economic Charts - Business Insider

FedEx Economic Charts - Business Insider

This Fed Ex CEO has hit the nail on the head. Speculation is encouraged by the tax code. Real capital investment is not encouraged by the tax code. That needs to change. It is about time that Business Insider is starting to wake up to the fact that speculation in futures markets is killing the real economy by driving up the prices on commodities used to make stuff, including houses.

There needs to be a backlash from real corporations against the TBTF bankers, namely, BAC, JPM, C, GS and WFC. 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Alex Jones of Prison Planet Is Doing a Great Disservice to America

Alex Jones is doing a great disservice to America and to his readers when he advocates libertarianism. While I agree with him on the 9/11 controversy, having written the ebook False Flag Murdering Neocon Crazies, I totally abhor his libertarianism.

He attracts racists commenting on his website. He attracts the dregs of the earth to comment on his website. He attracts folks who believe racism should be a civil right. He attracts folks who believe the liberals are racist against whites. He attracts people who are afraid based on race.

Many of these people aren't too bright. Their comments amount to a few words, a few grunts. They comment and foment their venom and it just is sick. Yet Jones apparently tolerates all that.

There is something wrong with the guy for tolerating that crap.

Maybe he can come here and explain to me why he does what he does. By supporting libertarianism, he undermines the 9/11 truth movement because his followers are mostly thick as bricks because libertarianism has stunted their minds.

As far as libertarianism is concerned, I wrote about it here:

It shows the weakness of assumptions of libertarianism, which is best described as the elevation of self to godhood. Sometimes the way Alex Jones acts is with an arrogance that betrays his spiritual corruption. That opinion is based upon observation and on his failure to clean up the site.

The economics of libertarianism appeals to conservative people who want balanced budgets. Yet many historically libertarian authors believed in helping the poor. So, what does Alex want, an end to social security and an end to unemployment insurance? Why?

The turnover of money as of this article, the velocity of money, is tanking Alex. Stopping people getting social security and unemployment insurance will surely tank the velocity of money further.

And it is the Republican neocons who have spent more money than anyone else. And it has been on war. Way more was spent on war and helping the bankers than spent on the poor, Alex. 

Even Dwight Eisenhower believed that people who wanted to do away with social security and unemployment insurance were fringe people. Now that was a Republican we need today. But the party would never elect Eisenhower.

So, why can't the libertarians who continue to vote Republican see that they are being played and are supporting the warmongering neocons? I don't get you, Republican libertarians.

And those of you who aren't Republican have a better chance at peace voting for Democrats. Obama is belatedly winding down wars. Have you not noticed? Obama is the lesser of two evils when it comes to war. You need to take this to heart, all libertarians. You will never elect one of your own, ever.

You can't take this to heart, because you think people should be able to refuse Obama or any race you don't like, a seat in your restaurant. You hate the civil rights act of 1964 because you want freedom to express racism. Even those of you who say you aren't racist want racism to be a civil right. You are wacko people on this issue and you are making the 9/11 truth movement look bad.

I am ashamed of you, Alex Jones, and you need to rethink your whole philosophy and teach your retarded followers the truth about the evils of racism.

Have the Neocons Killed a Presidency? - by Pat Buchanan

Have the Neocons Killed a Presidency? - by Pat Buchanan

I rarely agree with Pat Buchanan on anything, but he is a traditional conservative, and views the neoconservatives as the War Party. I agree with almost everything he says about the neocons and about their war mongering.

This is an older article, but with the establishment of new calls for false flags on the part of the neocon, Patrick Clawson, it is quite timely and appropriate and should never, ever be forgotten. 

Why College Football Will Be Dead Within 20 Years - Corn Nation

Why College Football Will Be Dead Within 20 Years - Corn Nation

Moocs, yes you heard it right, Moocs, may take out college sports and colleges as we know them.

I think that online courses are big, and getting much bigger. This shrinks the need for massive campuses and colleges may have to downsize.

The possibility that cable viewers will balk at subsidizing sports stations as they try to land contracts with sports teams is also a threat to college athletics as we know them today. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

AutoNation CEO Questions Why Gas Prices Are High - Business Insider

AutoNation CEO Questions Why Gas Prices Are High - Business Insider

Finally somebody comes through with facts showing that gasoline prices should be lower. I said this:

 Somebody tell Joe and Henry. There is no speculation according to them. No gobbling up of contracts to make the underlying commodity scarce,according to them. Rob, do you work for those guys? Show them your article!!

John Paulson's Housing Bets Pay Off

John Paulson's Housing Bets Pay Off

Paulson is telling everyone to buy real estate. Well, this article shows why. He is big into real estate. 

You Could Beat Any Team with this Celtics Dream Team

I think I could put together a team of Boston Celtics who could compete with any team imagined. Now, the Lakers could be formidable, and the Rockets with all the great centers. But here is a list of Celtics, the five plus two subs, who could compete with any team on the planet. Now, you have to figure that Bill Russell would have been a little taller had he been born later in history. So would his contemporaries. So he would be center.

Here is the Celtic list and assumes that they were healthy. I realize Shaq played part of a year, but he was injured and was unable to really become himself in a Celtic uniform. The Lakers would claim him:

Center Bill Russell

Power Forward Kevin McHale

Small Forward Larry Bird

Shooting Guard Sam Jones

Point Guard Bob Cousy

Bench John Havlicek
            Kevin Garnett
            Paul Pierce
            Nate Archibald
            Robert Parrish

I think these guys could play any other team competitively.  The second team if healthy could beat the first team a good percentage of the time. I eliminated Bill Walton, key to the 1986 team that was 40-1 at home because he really belongs to the Portland Trailblazers.     

This CIA Hero Was Detained for Pointing Out a Peace Initiative From Iraq

Susan Lindauer was indicted on the Patriot Act, and she was not given a trial. She went through proper channels as a whistleblower and was detained for a year without trial. She was detained because the criminals, W Bush and Cheney were already headed for war and were not interested in a peace offering from Iraq.

Susan believes that 9/11 was a false flag as well.

Here is her book on Amazon and people need to read it:

Would You Support an Iran War If … | Washington's Blog

Would You Support an Iran War If … | Washington's Blog

Every patriotic American should read this post in Washington's Blog before deciding we need to invade Iran. We don't and we shouldn't. See also my ebook on Amazon, False Flag Murdering Neocon Crazies, which exposes the thinking and evil words handed down by the neocons over the years. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

5 Signs the American Worker Is Still Gasping for Air | Wall St. Cheat Sheet

5 Signs the American Worker Is Still Gasping for Air | Wall St. Cheat Sheet

Of course the American worker is still gasping for air. Prices are up for food and gasoline, and wages are stagnating. This is what happens when QE goes to speculative banksters who bid of the prices of the underlying commodities making you pay more and the store and pump. 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Let Them Wear Towels

I have to say that men aren't allowed in women sports locker rooms to this day. So, this equality thing isn't really equal. This ESPN film has been advertized on the network until I am sick of it.

 I think that men must not be smart enough to get into the women's locker rooms. Is that it? They aren't smart enough?That is the reasoning behind the ESPN film when it comes to women getting into men's sports locker rooms for interview purposes. The female reporters were accused of not being  smart enough.

Remember that male sports reporters. Demand entrance into those womens' locker rooms!You are smart enough!

McDonald's Can't Figure Out How Its Workers Survive On Minimum Wage - Yahoo! Finance

McDonald's Can't Figure Out How Its Workers Survive On Minimum Wage - Yahoo! Finance

They live at home with relatives or with friends, or in substandard conditions.  That is how they survive on a McDonald's wage. Embarrassing to McDonalds.It is especially embarrassing when the assumptions of wages are way higher than lots of McDonalds' employees really make.

Many work part time or only one job. The website assumes a much more rosy scenario of the people working two jobs. McDonalds' as a company is sort of a joke when it comes to employees and how they are treated.

Fuzzy numbers? Real China growth only half: Expert

Fuzzy numbers? Real China growth only half: Expert

If the fellow has it right, growth in China is tanking bigtime. 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Want To Break Up The Banks? Be Very Careful What You Wish For - Forbes

Want To Break Up The Banks? Be Very Careful What You Wish For - Forbes

This is a very disturbing article. Fine, if you don't want to break up the banks, them make them subject to more regulation because they are pushing gasoline prices up through speculation and all manner of commodities up through speculation. These banks are dangerous and are costing the American public a lot of money in excess prices.

They aren't regulated enough. But Forbes would never tell you that. 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Fla. mom gets 20 years for firing warning shots - CBS News

Fla. mom gets 20 years for firing warning shots - CBS News

Just boycott Florida. Zimmerman stalks and gets off, and this woman didn't kill anyone and gets 20 years. I hate the filthy rotten state that is Florida. I am sure there are Floridians who agree with me, but the state as a whole sucks, it just sucks. 

New Covenant Theology: Here Are the Many Ways Most Jews Cannot Be Saved by Christ But Some Can

New Covenant Theology: Here Are the Many Ways Most Jews Cannot Be Saved by Christ But Some Can

My religious views are controversial and I don't press them much. But if anyone can be helped by these truths then it would be wonderful! 

Black Swan Posts Incredible Inflation Statistics, As Wages Decline or Stay Flat

An anonymous, but astute commenter at Business insider named Black Swan, posted this information at an article talking about gas prices going too high. Everyone should read it. And remember wages have been flat or declining during that period of time:

"If Gas Prices Go Any Higher, They're Going To Start Eating Away At Growth"

Sorry, that ship has sailed. The price of gallon of gas is already up 96% under Obama. At a time when wages have been trending down, prices have been going up. And nothing pushes up prices like higher transportation and shipping prices, due to higher fuel prices. Higher prices + lower wages = slower growth.

Price increases from 2002 to 2012. ..

Eggs: 73%
Coffee: 90%
Peanut Butter: 40%
Milk: 26%
A Loaf Of White Bread: 39%
Spaghetti And Macaroni: 44%
Orange Juice: 46%
Red Delicious Apples: 43%
Beer: 25%
Wine: 60%
Electricity: 42%
Margarine: 143%
Tomatoes: 22%
Turkey: 56%
Ground Beef: 61%
Chocolate Chip Cookies: 39%

And if you think that's bad, since 1986, the cost of college tuition in the United States has risen by 498 percent. Since 2010, employee health insurance premiums have been rising an average of between 8 and 9 percent a year, and we haven't even really seen Obamacare kick in yet.

So why is the Government telling us that inflation is just 1% yoy? It's because "the way that inflation is calculated has changed more than 20 times since 1978, and each time it has been changed the goal has been to make it appear to be lower than it actually is."

Friday, July 12, 2013

Charles Koch Foundation: An Income Of $34,000 Puts You In The Wealthiest 1 Percent (VIDEO)

Charles Koch Foundation: An Income Of $34,000 Puts You In The Wealthiest 1 Percent (VIDEO)

Lying Koch Brothers say 34 thousand income puts you in the top 1 percent. Dangerous people controlling the media is what the Koch Brothers are. Shame on them for being lying, hurful people.

If the American people are this stupid, I am sorry. Most will not fall for this moronic stuff.

You see, the Koch brothers are saying your 34,000 income is in the top 1 percent of the world. But this does not take into account the cost of living in countries that have less income. It is a lie because it compares apples to oranges.

$34,000 dollars gives you little in America. The top 1 percent living in America have income far in excess of 10 times that amount. 

BofA Says Ex-Workers Made Impossible Loan-Program Claims - Bloomberg

BofA Says Ex-Workers Made Impossible Loan-Program Claims - Bloomberg

Now let's see, BAC is trying to blame workers for screwing homeowners? Do you really trust this POS bank? 

Iowa Supreme Court Is the American Taliban

Iowa Court Affirms - Business Insider

Here is the bottom line: The Iowa Supreme Court violated the rights of a working woman, employed for 10 years, who didn't flirt with her boss, when it permitted the boss to fire her.

I was thinking that maybe she should have covered herself from head to toe like an extreme Muslim woman so that she could have kept her job.

It was the responsibility of the employer to get counseling. It was the responsibility of the court to do the right thing and not protect an employer who could not control himself. 

The Iowa Supreme Court set women back, and sent their own personal weaknesses to the front of the line. Shame on them.

As I wrote at Business Insider regarding this article:

 All states but one are at will states. This has nothing to do with right to work. However, this particular situation makes the Supreme Court look like the Taliban, defending behavior that is vile and disgusting.

In this case she is being fired for her sex. That is plain discrimination and should not be covered by the at will permission.

I think she has civil legal recourse. JMO. 

Thursday, July 11, 2013 False Flag Murdering Neocon Crazies eBook: Gary Anderson False Flag Murdering Neocon Crazies eBook: Gary Anderson, Sandy Mertens: Books

This ebook is my newest one. It will, if you read it, help you understand the mind of the neocon. Understanding how dangerous neocons are with regard to peace in the world is a passion of mine.

You must understand and spread the word of the neocon danger if we are to preserve peace among the nations. WW3 is not an option for folks with grandchildren they love. But the neocons are pressing the issue both with the Russians and with Iran.

I urge you to read the book, available at 

Did the Banks Dump Treasuries to Boost Their Lending Profits?

Did the Banks Dump Treasuries to Boost Their Lending Profits? | The Exchange - Yahoo! Finance

My comment on Yahoo to this article:

 Of course banks dumped treasuries to force more risky bonds up in yield. Then Bernanke comes and fixes it so treasuries don't bounce much in yield which would hurt the interest rate swaps business.
The banking system is just one massive scam.

But there is one passage I disagree with from the author. He said:

 Most of them (witness JP Morgan and its London Whale trader) have more capital than they know what to do with anyway.
In terms of Basel 3, our banks do not have more capital than they know what to do with just because one banker got greedy with capital he could ill afford to lose. Remember, Basel 3 is coming with much higher capital requirements.

JPM is the strongest US bank but will also have systemic risk capital requirements additionally to worry about.

Sharp Jump in Gas Prices Seen Within Days - Yahoo! Finance

Sharp Jump in Gas Prices Seen Within Days - Yahoo! Finance

The inability to control speculation in commodity prices is the reason QE is a failure and could be doing more harm than good. Most of QE goes to this speculation. If that were to change, QE could do some good in the real economy. But watch out, gasoline is about to spike. 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Fed Just Getting Started Beefing Up Top Banks' Capital Rules BAC WFC -

Fed Just Getting Started Beefing Up Top Banks' Capital Rules BAC WFC -

Basel 3 wants massive increases in bank capital. Apparently the US is just getting started increasing that capital. A little late to the party but not as late as the Eurozone banks.

Hopefully we won't have bailins as the solution to bank capital. That would be just horrible.

But here is the most unnerving new rule coming down the pike:

 Other rules on the way include special surcharges, additional capital requirements for banks that depend on short-term whole sale funding, and amounts of debt that must be held for conversion into stock for a crisis "bail-in."
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So, some debt must be held for conversion into stock for a bailin. A bailin is where depositors lose part or all of their deposits and get stock in return. You can't eat stock! 

It looks like the Fed is practically announcing potential bailins for US banks. Chilling!

#EU banks massively short of capital

#EU banks massively short of capital

Would the Eurozone take down their banks to steal deposits, thereby turning deposit assets into capital? Apparently Eurozone banks are massively short on Basel 3 capital. 

Monday, July 8, 2013

It Is All About the Third Tower on 9/11

The coverup of 9/11 by the conspiracy debunkers and the official 9/11 reports can fool folks when it comes to the towers hit by planes, but fools no one with regard to the collapse of a tower not hit by the planes. This video shows that WTC7, the massive office building that collapsed in free fall, is indeed the rock upon which all debunking crashes and burns.

Bush and Cheney and the criminals who helped them should be punished endlessly for 9/11. I happen to believe that there is justice above earthly justice. But it would be great for America if earthly justice came to pass on these murderers.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Will the Central Bank, the Fed, Take Down Banks to Steal More Capital from MainStreet?

Bankers are incredibly stupid. They have sacrificed main street USA, and in the process have worn out their welcome with the taxpayer. Reason is, Bernanke's job is to create demand and sell treasury bonds. If there is too much debt, too much tax receipt destruction, then the treasury is forced to borrow by issuing too many treasury bonds.

For a short term profit in the housing bubble of the last decade, the bankers have put in jeopardy demand for bonds. And this is not because the bonds don't have demand. But by weakening main street, the bankers force governments to issue too much supply of bonds.

A lot of this supply will be swallowed up by demand for collateral in the interest rate swaps market. But if debt grows too large, the supply will swallow up demand. Certainly that has to be on the mind of the Fed.

If interest rates rise, banks will be destroyed, unless, unless, they steal a portion of the deposits. One of the biggest sources of deposits is pension funds. One wonders if the Fed is going to crash the bond markets on purpose, in order to steal deposits!

That is what I said. I have been worried about this since Cyprus. Market Oracle has written about it now. Bernanke said it would be "unlikely" that he would go after bank savings like the ECB did in Cyprus. 

Now, unlike Market Oracle, I could not yet believe at this point that the Fed would crash the banks on purpose. I don't understand how the unwinding of trillions of dollars of derivatives positions, crushing the banks, would help the financial system.

However, I am close to believing in their view. If there is not enough capital for banks, forcing them to lend less, they will not have enough loans with which to generate more interest rate swaps profits. You see, as it is now, the banks force business borrowers to take an interest rate swap with the high and fixed rate. The banks take the low and floating rate.

If there are not enough swaps created in this process, the banks can't make much money. If the Fed allows interest rates on treasuries to rise too much, then the banks will be headed toward financial destruction.

So it may be that they have to obtain new sources of capital! Will that be our savings and pensions and corporate profits?

I have a lot of respect for Market Oracle, although I don't believe in Austrian Economics. So, the question is whether capital is that scarce to keep the system going that banks should be put in jeopardy in order for capital to be stolen in a bailin? 

Certainly, if interest rates rise, the banks will be in jeopardy of destruction, as they will be on the wrong side of the massive Swaps trade as I showed before in a chart. 

In that chart you can see where the red line crossed the blue line, and this caused the financial crisis.

I understand that the ponzi housing scheme was a scam and was premeditated. Hot money left the markets and that resulted in a predictable crash that the Fed was really aware of. Did the central banks orchestrate the departure of hot money in the housing market in order to get the inventory of houses back from main street?

Like the housing market, the hot money could leave treasury bonds, and that could cause a crash. Would it be premeditated? That  would be just disgusting and vile. I hope that is not what is being contemplated. I really do.

But we have to be watching for clues as to this potential course of action and for why central banks would do anything like this and hope it doesn't happen.

Update: I communicated with Ellen Brown on this subject and reformulated this issue to her as follows:

Hi Ellen, your question is actually almost the same as mine. The collateral is there. Treasuries are the collateral for the shadow banking system. Pristine collateral is needed and the US has never defaulted. So the US has the most pristine collateral.

Now, there is going to be a shortfall in the shadow banking system because of the new clearinghouses popping up that most have pristine collateral in order to secure interest rate swaps trades. They no longer can be made without collateral for the most part if I understand the process correctly.

The more that the Fed borrows, the fewer treasuries will be available for use as collateral.

But then something weird happened, the Fed said it would taper and interest rates on treasuries rose. I am puzzled about this. Why would this happen if there is such great demand for them? The 10 year was 2.5 times subscribed, so you would think there is plenty of demand.

The only way there would not be demand is if the underlying lending to companies is falling flat on its face. I don't know if that is happening but I seemed to have read an article where that was happening.

If that is true, then perhaps the need to collateral is waning. I don't know.

So, why would the need for collateral be waning? Is it because there is not enough capital in the banking system and so lending has been curtailed? I don't know.

And if there is not enough capital in the banking system will the Fed tank the interest rate swaps business in order to steal capital from the depositors, ie pensions, corporations, individuals with a bailin? Market Oracle says that will happen.

So Ellen, if you are interested in finding the answers to all this, you will have solved the conspiracy to take down the banks again, as posed by Market Oracle.


So then, we need to prove if there is a conspiracy under way to put the banks in jeopardy and temporarily destroy the interest rate swaps business. Indeed, if the floating rate goes higher than the fixed rate, the banks will have to pay out on trillions of dollars in swaps. That is a temporary situation if there are bailouts or bailins. Do the banks need that extra capital to become solvent?

Remember, deposits are loans to the banks, assets. They are not capital. They only become capital if they are confiscated by the banks! Remember Cyprus.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

ECB's Noye: End the Dictatorship of Finance!

ECB's Noyer says financial market regulation needed - Yahoo! Finance

The dictatorship of finance pretty much sums up what our nation and the Eurozone have been experiencing since 2000. Ending it would be good, but would be unlikely, in my opinion. But at least Noyer called it truthfully. 

Friday, July 5, 2013

Why People Think Inflation Has Soared; That The Cost Of Bread Is Spiraling Higher-My Take

This article by Joe Weisenthal is an example of why Business Insider will never, ever get the respect it seeks from citizens. There are so many responses that slam dunk this terrible attempt to pull the wool over our eyes with regard  to the cost of living that I will just share my responses. You can look at the other responses at the link. Anyway, this is so easily refutable that I cannot believe Henry Blodget and Business Insider would consider publishing this rubbish.

Here are my refutations:

We used to go into Costco to buy 250 dollars worth of groceries. It used to stretch. It doesn't stretch now Joe.

You and Krugman and Sumner just don't get it. You are doing a disservice to the nation.


And you know what a wrecking ball Sumner is with regard to not being afraid of 120 oil and above. He told me that very thing. Now, you may think you are getting us ready to pay more, but without an increase in wages we will rebel, Joe. It isn't happening Joe.

Comfort index also most likely takes into account that people are working and not getting UB. You are misusing the chart.

And how about the old 2.25 gasoline we used to pay and now it is 3.50 and higher?

Food and gasoline are not used in the CPI but that doesn't mean they don't affect people and their cost of living Joe.

This is why I am infuriated with you and Henry. You are ignoring the facts to make bankers and business happy. Check out the fact that hamburger is now more or as expensive than chicken! Ridiculous.

Oh, and Krugman pointed out bread and milk. He ignored eggs, and cheese and meat. Hamburger is 3.50 a pound when it was 1.99 before.

So Joe, Krugman is a nutcase. And his chart on bread shows a rise. Milk has fluctuated. Potato chlps are double or triple the cost.

Do you have a woman in your house Joe? Perhaps you should get one before you decide to be an expert in economics.

Cooking oil has gone up massively.

My wife says candy has gone up like mad.

Where have you and Henry been Joe? What Planet?
It is so dirty what Business Insider is doing to the truth. I contributed some truth to the site when I was permitted to author there. I have always known that BI was on the wrong side of the truth when it came to banker speculation in these commodities that make our goods more expensive.

But I always thought I could reach Business Insider, that I could reach these men who influence so many people. My efforts have fallen on deaf ears. The agenda of Business Insider is not the truth at all, but to sway opinion of the American people for higher prices still. Joe knows I have an email from Sumner saying that he doesn't fear much higher commodity prices, including oil at $120 per barrel.

He knows that and yet he continually tries to convince us that we can afford it. We can't Joe Weisenthal. You are a traitor to the truth about economics at the very least and maybe to our nation as well!

Non-inflation Denial -

Non-inflation Denial -

Paul Krugman is a certifiable idiot. He is dreaming about food and energy not inflating. He is trying to pull the wool over our eyes. Shame on you Krugman. 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Here's Why People Hate Bank of America (BAC)

Here's Why People Hate Bank of America (BAC)

Scum sucking Bank of America is a criminal in need of prosecution. But then so are the rest of the TBTF banks engaged in toxic lending to the US economy. Happy fourth of July, scumsucking banksters. 

Weak Brent oil futures contrast with scarce physical supplies | Reuters

Weak Brent oil futures contrast with scarce physical supplies | Reuters

This article, of course, is crap. The reason it is crap is that it says supplies are tight and turns around and says this:

Although IEA predictions for June and July of very low supplies of BFOE have not materialised, August and September could see a substantial cut due to the maintenance work from an average of above 800,000 bpd seen last year and this year.
One wonders if big oil or big banking is the source of this article. Comments were closed the very same day the article came out, July 4th.

And it isn't like Reuters was on vacation. Plenty of other articles allow comments.

It is a shame Reuters puts out articles like this, which are essentially, full of crap. While that assessment is just my opinion, it apparently was the opinion of others as no comments were published and the comment section was sealed. 

UK must plan exit from housing schemes-industry groups (My Take)

According to a Yahoo article, fears of a new property bubble are fueled by the UK's down payment assistance program. Small deposits, or down payments as they are called here in the USA, drive so much demand that the prices of houses go up because of them.

Just like no down and liar loans in the US, small deposits and a previous program of self certified loans in the UK have driven up prices.

The self certified loans, which existed prior to the US liar loans, were, in essence, liar loans. No verification of income was needed. The UK has a rule that you cannot make less than 3 times the price of a home. Liar loans got around the rule.

The UK analysts are worried that you have either stimulus and a bubble or no stimulus and a crash. That is the reality of housing in the UK and USA, when too many people who cannot afford to buy with a traditional mortgage seek assistence.

Housing is doomed to be pushed by artificial means towards higher prices, all to help the banks and hurt main street in the long run.

Banks make money on house appreciation, and this can continue for quite some time. It becomes something that resembles a drug. The habit becomes harder and harder to kick, like QE in the United States. Stimulus is going to the wrong people in the wrong way.

Main street in these nations need help relieving debt not taking on additional debt. Too much debt at the consumer level is profit to the banks but saps the strength and purchasing power of the people.

Savings are replaced by debt as the fuel for the economy. This is very unhealthy, but not for the banks. It is all about the health of the big banks and yet real business suffers. These bubbles are not ultimately sustainable because fear of manipulation enters these markets.

Without the 20 percent down 30 year fixed mortgage, the housing market becomes unstable. Those solid loans that were the foundation of house buying in the last century are going away and make only a small portion of house buying today.

It is no surprise that house price volatility and danger for buyers increases as we see the demise of the 20 percent down mortgage. 

Here is the truth about housing from here on out: There cannot be a real housing market with real price discovery. There is only a manipulated housing market with prices being continually controlled by the central banks and big lenders and their crony cash buyers. A real market for housing, based upon supply and demand and wealth of main street no longer exists!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

San Diego jury acquits man accused of sidewalk chalk anti-bank slogans

San Diego jury acquits man accused of sidewalk chalk anti-bank slogans |

Jeff Olson was acquitted of all charges! We don't have to boycott San Diego but we can still expose the stupidity of the courts for bringing the trial. 

San Diego protester faces vandalism charges for sidewalk chalk drawings - Yahoo! News

San Diego protester faces vandalism charges for sidewalk chalk drawings - Yahoo! News

Even the mayor has come out against this prosecution:

"Mayor Bob Filner has denounced the prosecution of Jeff Olson, 40, a man with no previous criminal record, as a waste of taxpayer money and an abuse of power that infringes on First Amendment free speech protections in the U.S. Constitution."

Continue to call and show your disgust with San Diego justice. We still need to boycott the city if Jeff Olson gets any jail time or fine. 

US trade gap widened in May as exports weakened - Yahoo! News

US trade gap widened in May as exports weakened - Yahoo! News

Here is a big economic red flag, slowing global exports by US companies. If this continues, it will show a global slowing of the economies of the world. It could drag the US, which is performing better than most nations, down with them. 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Investigators reaffirm TWA 800 crash an accident - Yahoo! News

Investigators reaffirm TWA 800 crash an accident - Yahoo! News

I have not studied this tragedy. My only question is why was there an almost empty fuel tank when the flight was to Europe and had only been in the air for 12 minutes?

That fuel tank was blamed for the explosion of the plane. Perhaps someone could answer this question for me. 

Paula Deen Accuser Speaks Out: This Was Never About the N-Word - Yahoo! TV

Paula Deen Accuser Speaks Out: This Was Never About the N-Word - Yahoo! TV

So a white woman sues Paula Deen for racial discrimination? I wonder if this sounds fishy to anyone else? After five years of work she sues on the basis of race?

Makes you wonder. 

Gambling Banksters - How Many Warnings Do You Need? :: The Market Oracle

Gambling Banksters - How Many Warnings Do You Need? :: The Market Oracle :

This article is great except for one thing. You must understand that when you deposit money into a bank it is a loan to the bank and effectively becomes their money. Of course they can "steal" some of it to stabilize the banks when they make crap loans. If you don't want your money taken, be careful about depositing it into the banks in the first place!