The US Government, Rebellion and Gun Rights

I believe the US government ultimately wants a rebellion to crush if Americans are not easily disarmed. I believe that gun owners have to be smart and not be sucked into this rebellion. They may be provoked. But if they try to beat the drones and the advanced weaponry, it won't happen.

The reason I am against the rebellion is that we need to educate the people so that they don't fall for the other scams of the government. The Sandy Hook Hoax, and other false flags that the pro Zionist government seeks to impose upon the populace are a manifestation of a government out of control.

This government needs a rebellion. It needs to show that the bankers/neocons/Zionists mean business and that we should be afraid as Americans. We are frightened every day, by false flags, hoaxes, Obama's fake terrorism, like Aurora, and by Condi Rice's mushroom cloud.

In fact, it is widely known that the toppling of Saddam Hussein's statue was actually not a spontaneous Iraqi operation, but was rather thought up by the US Marine leadership! And so soon after 9/11, so that we all were brainwashed. From Wikipedia:

On April 9, 2003, a large statue of Saddam Hussein in Baghdad's Firdos Square, directly in front of the Palestine Hotel where the world's journalists had been quartered, was toppled by a U.S. M88 tank recovery vehicle surrounded by dozens of celebrating Iraqis, who had been attempting to pull down the statue earlier with little success. One such futile attempt by sledgehammer wielding weightlifter Kadhem Sharif particularly caught media attention.[47] Eventually the M88 was able to topple the statue which was jumped upon by Iraqi citizens who then decapitated the head of the statue and dragged it through the streets of the city hitting it with their shoes. The destruction of the statue was shown live on cable news networks as it happened and made the front pages of newspapers and covers of magazines all over the world - symbolizing the fall of the Hussein government. The images of the statue falling came as a shock to many Arab viewers, who had thought that Iraq was winning the war.[48]
Before the statue was toppled, Marine Corporal Edward Chin of the 3rd battalion 4th Marines regiment climbed the ladder and placed an American flag over the statue's face.[47] An Iraqi flag was then placed over the statue. The event was widely publicized, but allegations that it had been staged were soon published. One picture from the event, published in the London Evening Standard, was allegedly doctored to make the crowd appear larger.[49] A report by the Los Angeles Times stated it was an unnamed Marine colonel, not Iraqi civilians who had decided to topple the statue; and that a quick-thinking Army psychological operations team then used loudspeakers to encourage Iraqi civilians to assist and made it all appear spontaneous and Iraqi-inspired.[50] According to Tim Brown at "It was not completely stage-managed from Washington, DC but it was not exactly a spontaneous Iraqi operation."[51]

But the government cannot control two things in the USA. It cannot control thought, and how we use our money, and it cannot control multigenerational living. It is necessary that we, as a nation, continue to educate each other as to the attacks on gun rights, on our finances by liar loans, etc. The attack upon our rights and our financial well being is real. I have no doubt about this.

But our response must be measured, and educated. There are elements in the government and its media who want race wars, divisions between the young and old, etc. We simply must be aware of these things and teach our children as such. Not all elements of our government want this rebellion.

The Republicans are, at present, more dangerous because they want war with Syria and Iran. That does not mean that the Democrats are not dangerous in their continued Zionist assault on gun ownership. Will this ultimately result in rebellion if the American government refuses to lighten up?

I hope not, but it is a possibility. But I don't think a rebellion can win. So, keep your guns but do not use them emotionally on each other. Divide and conquer is a Zionist goal, with the world court in Jerusalem as the ultimate dispenser of justice being the goal. 

So far that justice has failed to prosecute the bankers for the housing bubble and credit crisis. That justice gives us the Sandy Hook Hoax and other hoaxes and false flags.

So patriotic Americans do not want that world court justice of Ben Gurion, the father of Israel, to prevail against us. So many Americans don't even know who their enemy is. That has to be the process of education and not of rebellion.

My natural father was Jewish and I am adopted. I hate Zionism and believe there is a better way for the Jews in these last days.


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