International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network: Israel Does Not Reflect US Values

International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network

Israel does not reflect the values of the United States of America in their treatment of some Jews and all Gentiles.

Israeli Universities build on occupied Palestinian territories.

Israeli press "vacation" in occupied territories.

"Christian" Zionists are helping Israeli farmers take over Palestinian land.

These are just a few highlights of values not reflected in the United States of America.

Neither Jewish ethics nor Jewish tradition can disqualify terrorism as a means of combat. We are very far from having any moral qualms as far as our national war goes. We have before us the command of the Torah, whose morality surpasses that of any other body of laws in the world: "Ye shall blot them out to the last man."…But first and foremost, terrorism is for us a part of the political battle being conducted under the present circumstances, and it has a great part to play: speaking in a clear voice to the whole world, as well as to our wretched brethren outside this land, it proclaims our war against the occupier.9
                                         — Yitzak Shamir, 1943


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