Katie Couric to Wed John Molner This Summer | E! Online

Katie Couric to Wed John Molner This Summer | E! Online

How sweet, New World Order Zionist media shill is engaged to New World Order Zionist financier. What a match made in hell. Katie Couric pitched the chip, or at least getting Americans used to the chip by promoting it for medical information. Of course this will one day be abused most likely:


And of course we have Katie speaking to the dead on the airplanes that attacked the towers on 9/11, even though they were not regular airplanes:


Here Katie speaks to 9/11, afterwards, without telling the truth. We have a clearcut enemy, Zionism, and yet, she said there is no clearcut enemy, only terrorism. Sick to listen to:


And of course Katie said you are the master of your fate, unless you told the truth. Can you imagine Katie Couric telling the truth about 9/11? She would have been off the air immediately.



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