McDonalds $40K or $400K Commercial Is a Blunder. No Such Option for McDonalds' Employees.

McDonalds is running an annoying $40,000 or $400,000 commercial which gives a guy an option to start a job at the lower or the higher wage. Of course they guy opts for the higher wage. And then the commercial describes the options for food deals on the menu. The commercial is in really bad taste.

McDonalds of all companies should not be running a commercial touting starting wages of $40,000 or $400,000 because for most of its employees, the option is more like part time at under $15,000!

McDonalds is a Chicago bully when it comes to understanding the company. This is the company that tried to pass pink slime in its burgers, without even telling customers. It is the company that doesn't care if it has dangerously hot coffee that is insane. It is a company that told its employees how to apply for government benefits because it simply does not pay enough.

And yet, this company that offers the terrible wage "option" to its employees could pay much more
without a huge rise in meal costs for the consumer. We know that McDonalds' low wages cost the taxpayers at least a billion dollars per year.

McDonalds made the blunder of telling poorly paid employees how to tip personal trainers and the like. Where would that tip money come from? Does McDonalds really understand how low of a wage the company pays the employees when this ridiculous advice is being given?

The company is seriously out of touch with reality, the reality of their own creation.The company gave the offensive advice to return holiday gifts to get out of debt! This is a company that is seriously out of control, doing all it can to justify crappy wages.

McDonalds may not be able to double wages in this difficult economic environment, but if it did, a big mac would go up in price a little more than a dollar. But clearly, raising the wages a couple of bucks an hour would have negligible effects on prices at the chain. The increased business from employees would give the stores a financial boost.

Raising employee wages by two to three dollars per hour is something McDonalds should do as a no brainer, and increased morale would be worth it. When you go into an In-N-Out you see the positive employee vibe that is missing from McDonalds. In-N-Out pays over $10 to $13 dollars per hour.

You can see it in the employees faces. And the prices are competitive in that great fast food chain. Time to do the right thing, McDonalds. Quit being a Chicago bully.


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