▶ The Rand Paul Fiasco with Webster Tarpley - YouTube

▶ The Rand Paul Fiasco with Webster Tarpley - YouTube

Tarpley must be listened to. He is a bright guy who has a clear way of thinking. He argues that capitalism in America, the American way, is not based on deregulation and destruction of the safety net. But Austrianism, the economic system based upon the London School of Economics.

Austrian economics is crap. However, Alex Jones does not understand that the liberal agenda, which is for capitalism and the safety net, has been hijacked by the Zionists, which set liberalism against the second amendment. The reason why is that  LBJ assassinated JFK and turned liberalism against gun.

However, Alex Jones understands that austerity for mainstreet is just done for more money for bank bailouts. He is pretty astute, but I want him to mention Zionism more.I hope Alex is not a Zionist. He certainly understands that some forms of libertarianism are bad, but as Tarpley says, all libertarianism is aimed to the rich at the expense of everyone else.

So, the jury is out on Alex Jones, as to his real desire to fight Zionism. Is he made wealthy because the Zionists know this? Maybe.

Now, Tarpley is not speaking to the JFK assassination, but the video coupled with my views, makes perfect sense. He says the Mount Pelerin Society founded by Hayek, is the key to understanding how libertarianism is used to deregulate to the BENEFIT OF THE BANKERS. But I am sure that organization is just a soldier group for the most wealthy Zionists who control central banks. Anyway, this is a very engaging video, but we need our thinking caps on:


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