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I Wrote This Email to Tom Barry about Globalization

You may find this email that I wrote to Tom Barry, a think tank thinker, who has reported on Alternet, to be interesting: Hello Tom, I am totally opposed to the neocons. I am a liberal, registered independent. But I support gun rights. I support all rights. Anyway, you made this statement about John Bolton, and I am confused as to the meaning. You said: "Bolton has become known as the right's most effective and strident opponent of the United Nations and all forms of global governance and international law not controlled by the U.S. government." Are you saying Bolton is for sovereignty of the USA? He seems like an Israel firster to me. Neocons are Zionists. Zionism is a political movement as you know, not a race, nor a religion. It is a globalist movement. That is why the neocons are always a part of the Bilderberg meetings, etc. But, alas, you are saying global governance is ok, and the differences are between those who believe in global

The 2002 Chechen Raid Shows Real Blood. Boston Bombing Blood Is Fake Bright Red

The links to the fake blood at the Boston Bombing and the real blood at the Chechen raid are no longer valid links. Take my word for it that fake blood at the Boston bombing is a big concern as to the truth of that bombing.

Henry Blodget of Business Insider Has Lost His Mind Airing This Aweful Propaganda About Russia

I sent an email to Henry Blodget of Business Insider regarding an article run by BI from the Economist. The Economist is a New World Order rag. Here is the email. I urge you to read the response to the article below and then click the link to read the article. You will be dumfounded at what insanity is being promoted as truth. The Economist article is not the truth. It is an evil lie. Business Insider could have run a disclaimer stating their editorial team didn't agree with the article but they didn't do that: Henry, Zionists and Israel pose the greatest threat to world peace. As they continue to box Putin into a corner, and you know they are, our nation will be put into grave danger. I cannot believe you run New World Order crap that says Russia is the cause of a New World Order. Are you serious? You could do something to help the world, but instead we get this:

I Posted This Comment Critical of Condi Rice for the War in Iraq and 9/11 Conspiracy

I posted this about Condi Rice, who is a cold blooded murderer because of her involvement in the 9/11 Conspiracy and in the War in Iraq: The Republican Party should exclude the Neocons like Condi, who were in on 9/11. Condi Rice once had an oil tanker named after her as she was a director of Chevron. When she became W Bush's main advizor, they took her name off the ship. The oil war in Iraq was hers. A million people died. She said she had no ideas planes would be used, yet Cheney was running war games assuming planes would be used on the very day of 9/11. These people are snakes. Condi said that we needed to fear the Iraq mushroom cloud. That was a lie. Condi was for Neocon regime change and Clean Break and Yinon Zionism and was likely involved in messing with the Ukraine for regime change as well. These neocons don't care if we have WW3 as they are fricken crazy.

I Posted This Comment at the Book-Liberal Fascism

S. Mullen left the first post and I responded with this. Please keep in minde that people are so brainwashed about how Anti Zionism is the same as Anti Semitism, even though criticizing the Zionist political movement is not criticism of a whole race of people. For those who use it as racism, may a plague be on your house. Anyway, here is my post:  S . Mullen, you were brave to take your position. This book sends people off track. The new Fascists come from both political parties. The Democrats want to take away your gun rights. The Republicans want to take away all your other rights. We are screwed by both. Truth is, Fascism is actually the New World Order wished for by James Warburg in 1950, by George Soros, by David Rockefeller, by the Neocons, by the liberal banksters. In other words, there is a continual onslaught. Did anyone know that Israel attacked US property in Egypt in 1954, and it was the Lavon Affair, and Israel admitted to it in 2005, and our media said nothi

Gun Control Feinstein Gets a Taste of Her Own Medicine--An Attack on the Constitution Gun control advocate Diane Feinstein, who doesn't have much of a problem attacking the Second Amendment, has her panties in a wad due to the CIA perusing congressional computers. She says that the CIA has violated the constitution. That is likely true. It is a rogue organization that JFK wanted to break up. It could have cost him his life. Nobody likes the CIA. The CIA is guilty of torture, involvement in the 9/11 conspiracy, Sandy Hook Hoax and all manner of havoc and New World Order evil. The CIA agitated in Syria, and agitated in the Ukraine. The CIA works regime change in Libya and is breaking international law daily. While I can't deny the outrage of CIA behavior, Feinstein and the Democrats have continually attacked the Second Amendment in what amounts to hypocrisy. Now they are upset because the CIA doesn't believe in the constitution. Well, George Bush didn't believe

My Views on Zionism, the Ukraine and Sandy Hook as Posted and Denied Posting, on Amazon Author Forum

 I was following a thread at the Amazon author forum and posted this in response to the Ukraine fiasco: Calling Putin "Hitler" and Obama "Chamberlain" is just main stream media (MSM) propaganda. Here is the truth: the possibly Zionistic president shares power with the Neo Nazi Svoboda Party. That party has been accused of anti-semitism many times. My natural father was Jewish and I am adopted. I view Zionism as being a powerful political movement, not a race, not a religion. I criticize Zionism for taking over the world, or at least trying to. The Neocons are Zionists, all of them. However, blaming one race, like the Nazi's have done, is wicked. Zionists, for example, include Dick Cheney, the Rockefellers, Patrick Clawson, etc. None of these are Jewish. So, Putin is right that anti-semites have a place in government in the Ukraine. I am not a libertarian, but Ron Paul correctly said we have been agitating in the Ukraine since 2004. That regime change mentali

America Is Supporting Ruthless False Flag Killers in the Ukraine who Killed Their Own Protesters!

America is once again on the wrong side of history, just like in our treatment of the Palestinians. Now we find that America is supporting a regime, which includes Neo Nazis, and who turned on their own protestors. A phone call was intercepted by the ousted government and the tape is made public: It is unfortunate that an illegal and dastardly act would galvanize a new government that has neo Nazis to come to power. America agitated and now it is known that we supported ruthless murderers, being on the wrong side of history yet once again.

Michelle Bachmann Is a Traitor Perhaps? Jewish Americans Beware of That Woman!

Some Jewish Americans sent a letter to crazed neocon-leaning Democratic senators and told them to back off more sanctions against Iran. This is while the peace process is proceeding. This was a bold America first position. It is in the national interest of the United States to make peace with Iran. It is in the national interest for America to avoid potential nuclear war with Russia over Iran. Yet, Michelle Bachmann says that those Jewish Americans are selling out Israel. I don't understand how peace with Iran could sell out Israel. That peace would secure Israel. And who does Bachmann think she is to tell Jewish Americans that they should not reflect the American foreign policy interest? Bachmann would sell out the USA to war with Iran and potential self destruction? Why doesn't she move to Israel if she wants to put Israel first? It isn't like Israel isn't made more safe with peace but Israel doesn't want peace. Israel wants regime change and continual war as

Arseniy Yatsenyuk Is a Zionist. He May Be Anti-Semitic As Well. He Shares Power with Neo-Nazis!

Arseniy Yatsenyuk is a Zionist. His parents are Jewish, (Zionism is not Judaism) and he has the support of the neocons in the United States. As Ron Paul correctly said, (and I am not a libertarian), the US has meddled in the affairs of the Ukraine starting in 2004, while the most blatant neocon president, George W Bush, was in power. People need to understand that regime change is Zionist/Neoconservative doctrine , and that Yinon concept of regime change has been adopted by the neocons. All neocons, both Jewish and non Jewish, are Zionists, wanting more than just the security of Israel, but also world domination. The neocons have fanned the flames of revolution in the Ukraine. They are now supporting and giving billions in aid to a government in the Ukraine made up of a coalition that includes Neo-Nazis! The Ukraine can block pipeline gas to Europe from Russia, and destroy the European economy. Russia could throw tariffs on European goods and throw Europe into a severe recession.