Arseniy Yatsenyuk Is a Zionist. He May Be Anti-Semitic As Well. He Shares Power with Neo-Nazis!

Arseniy Yatsenyuk is a Zionist. His parents are Jewish, (Zionism is not Judaism) and he has the support of the neocons in the United States. As Ron Paul correctly said, (and I am not a libertarian), the US has meddled in the affairs of the Ukraine starting in 2004, while the most blatant neocon president, George W Bush, was in power.

People need to understand that regime change is Zionist/Neoconservative doctrine, and that Yinon concept of regime change has been adopted by the neocons. All neocons, both Jewish and non Jewish, are Zionists, wanting more than just the security of Israel, but also world domination. The neocons have fanned the flames of revolution in the Ukraine. They are now supporting and giving billions in aid to a government in the Ukraine made up of a coalition that includes Neo-Nazis!

The Ukraine can block pipeline gas to Europe from Russia, and destroy the European economy. Russia could throw tariffs on European goods and throw Europe into a severe recession. Yet, the neocons keep pressing for this regime change which could destroy the world economy. 

This Yinon Plan now includes Russia in its target sights. This is madness and will likely lead to exchange of nuclear weapons between the US and Russia, as predicted by the late, but not so great, Larry Eagleburger, known crazed neocon. This was stated on the Kudlow report and I witnessed Eagleburger's statement.

The US needs to back off, because putting the Russian Bear in a corner is a big, big mistake. Most Americans know that most of the wars are initiated by the USA, and that Russia has been very reserved in the making of war. Now that may change as an angry Putin knows exactly what the west is doing, and knows they are reckless and capable of forcing Russia to do really bad things in order to keep the region stable.

We have CNN's resident Zionist, Christiane Amanpour, second only to Wolf Blitzer, in spewing US propaganda, saying what an evil deed Putin has done. But we are the aggressor, in the name of Israel. I can assure you of that. 

American news sources have labeled Putin as an enemy to capitalism because he opposed the Russian Oligarchs' funneling of profits to Israel and the UK. According to Haaretz, many of those Oligarchs were duel Israeli citizens. So were many of our neocons. 

The United States needs to stop playing this dangerous game. The stakes are simply too high for this recklessness to continue. And the Israelis and banker Zionists need to wake up as well. Russia has more nukes than the US and could easily turn Israel into dust. 

So, we have madness in the Ukraine, with a Zionist president in coalition with a neo Nazi Svoboda party. We even have a picture of the Zionist president, and the neo Nazi Tyahnybok shown with our own secret neocon, John McCain! This is madness. 

Zionists have thrown Jews under the bus before and they can do it again. I would not be comfortable being Jewish under a Zionist/NeoNazi coalition. Russia views this government as being anti-Semitic! I think a case could be made that that could be a result of this evil union. 

Putin has the power to roll back much of the neocon desire for a one world empire, as Russia consolidates empire. But really, it is being forced by the neocons to do that very thing. 

UPDATE:  New information has surfaced, showing that Israel research has uncovered the truth that most Israelis are primarily Khazars. These Khazars want old Khasaria back and that includes Kiev east to Southern Russia. Putin has protected the Russians in eastern Ukraine, which is exactly where the Zionists want a Second Israel.

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Disclaimer: Zionism is a a political movement, not a race. Some of the most powerful Zionists in the world are not Jewish. And Jews in the main stream have suffered at the hands of the Zionists throughout modern history.


  1. See this article at Veterans Today about the satanic group P*ssy Riot and the use of pornography by the Zionists to undermine societies:

  2. Yes, I agree with you that the P*ssy Riot are Zionists. However, I do not necessarily support banning gay marriage, etc, because I believe that the USA thrives on diversity. It is lack of diversity that we as Americans find offensive in Israel where they seem to accept apartheid.

  3. I posted your article in a comment at the VT website:

  4. Thanks for getting the word out, Menachem.


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