Gun Control Feinstein Gets a Taste of Her Own Medicine--An Attack on the Constitution

Gun control advocate Diane Feinstein, who doesn't have much of a problem attacking the Second Amendment, has her panties in a wad due to the CIA perusing congressional computers. She says that the CIA has violated the constitution. That is likely true. It is a rogue organization that JFK wanted to break up. It could have cost him his life. Nobody likes the CIA.

The CIA is guilty of torture, involvement in the 9/11 conspiracy, Sandy Hook Hoax and all manner of havoc and New World Order evil. The CIA agitated in Syria, and agitated in the Ukraine. The CIA works regime change in Libya and is breaking international law daily.

While I can't deny the outrage of CIA behavior, Feinstein and the Democrats have continually attacked the Second Amendment in what amounts to hypocrisy. Now they are upset because the CIA doesn't believe in the constitution. Well, George Bush didn't believe in it either. And Obama isn't on board with all of it to be sure.

The interesting issue is that the CIA was upset at the fact that congress got information about George W Bush's interrogation techniques. Who knows if it contained information on CIA members who no doubt broke the laws and abused human decency. That is what the CIA does. Ask Susan Lindauer.

 Bush was out of control, and congress needs to make that sort of thing public. But if congress doesn't like the CIA snooping around, perhaps it needs to read the entire constitution again.

For more on the New World Order, see also my new ebook, Wicked Zionism, soon to be an audiobook as well. I go into some issues with Diane Feinstein, who is getting a taste of her New World Order medicine and doesn't like it.


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