Henry Blodget of Business Insider Has Lost His Mind Airing This Aweful Propaganda About Russia

I sent an email to Henry Blodget of Business Insider regarding an article run by BI from the Economist. The Economist is a New World Order rag. Here is the email. I urge you to read the response to the article below and then click the link to read the article. You will be dumfounded at what insanity is being promoted as truth. The Economist article is not the truth. It is an evil lie. Business Insider could have run a disclaimer stating their editorial team didn't agree with the article but they didn't do that:


Zionists and Israel pose the greatest threat to world peace. As they continue to box Putin into a corner, and you know they are, our nation will be put into grave danger.

I cannot believe you run New World Order crap that says Russia is the cause of a New World Order. Are you serious?

You could do something to help the world, but instead we get this: http://www.businessinsider.com/diplomacy-and-security-after-crimea-the-new-world-order-2014-3

Here is one of your comments and this guy speaks the truth better than I can:

I almost welcome it, when the cold war was in full force, America stood for freedom and democracy. Today, the American government has become exactly what we were fighting against. A bunch of corrupt liars, on a power trip who will stoop to never ending lows to get more power. Think about it. I grew up during the cold war, there was a known enemy in a known geographical region, and Americans were free(er). Today, the excuse of terrorism has become the favorite lie of big government alphabet soup agencies to systemically destroy EVERYTHING that made America great. Maybe we need another cold war to get our "elected" leaders... (I'm sorry, rulers,) to focus on defending America, instead of targeting Americans. During the cold war, we did not have an NSA mass surveillance police state like we have today. People trusted their government more, thus, their government worked more so for the general population. Today we have NDAA, NSA surveillance, constant 2nd amendment attacks, and main stream government propaganda. Your government now considers YOU a greater threat than the terrorists, and only works for mega international corporations who, during the cold war were AMERICAN companies, and had an allegiance to THIS COUNTRY. Today, they have become locusts of a fascist government. The new coming TPP agreement will solidify, a corporate, global government, and if you think that it will be GOOD for America, you have another thing coming. NAFTA was billed as good for America, and as Ross Perot said, "Hear that wooshing sound? Its the sound of jobs leaving America" I rest my case. America has become its own enemy.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/diplomacy-and-security-after-crimea-the-new-world-order-2014-3#ixzz2weLJZY5A

Gary A

It is a sad day in America when this sort of poison from the Economist is passed off as legitimate 
journalism. The commenter above spelled out the propaganda of our nation's elite.

Here is the gist of the sad piece of propaganda from the Economist:

"Sadly, too few people understand this. Plenty of countries resent American primacy and Western moralising. But they would find Mr Putin's new order far worse. Small countries thrive in an open system of rules, albeit imperfect ones."

As you can see, the Economist lies about an open system of rules. We have been meddling in the affairs of the Ukraine for over a decade. We have caused chaos in the name of Zionist Globalism. That is what we do. And it is wrong. The New World Order of Globalism is what the world needs to fear most.

Disclaimer: Zionism is not a race, nor is it a religion. It is a political order that is made up of powerful bankers, neocons and Israeli elite. It includes all races. It is an evil movement, dangerous to world peace, seeking a one world government or a one world financial system.


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