I Posted This Comment at the Book-Liberal Fascism

S. Mullen left the first post and I responded with this. Please keep in minde that people are so brainwashed about how Anti Zionism is the same as Anti Semitism, even though criticizing the Zionist political movement is not criticism of a whole race of people. For those who use it as racism, may a plague be on your house. Anyway, here is my post: 

S. Mullen, you were brave to take your position. This book sends people off track. The new Fascists come from both political parties. The Democrats want to take away your gun rights. The Republicans want to take away all your other rights. We are screwed by both. Truth is, Fascism is actually the New World Order wished for by James Warburg in 1950, by George Soros, by David Rockefeller, by the Neocons, by the liberal banksters.

In other words, there is a continual onslaught. Did anyone know that Israel attacked US property in Egypt in 1954, and it was the Lavon Affair, and Israel admitted to it in 2005, and our media said nothing about it? That is what I am talking about when I am talking about fascism. My natural father was Jewish and I am adopted. Most Jewish people are not fascist. Many elites, both Jewish and Gentile are fascist. If you call me a racist, you are a lying dog.

Profits are privatized, and losses are socialized, so what we have is not anything resembling the USSR. If the author says they are the same he is wrong. He sounds like the Koch brothers.

I am for gun rights and diversity of rights. We can live together if we ignore mainstream media that is controlled by the new Fascists. Teach your children about the NWO, because they won't hear it correctly from Beck, or Palin, or Obama.


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