I Posted This Comment Critical of Condi Rice for the War in Iraq and 9/11 Conspiracy

I posted this about Condi Rice, who is a cold blooded murderer because of her involvement in the 9/11 Conspiracy and in the War in Iraq:

The Republican Party should exclude the Neocons like Condi, who were in on 9/11. Condi Rice once had an oil tanker named after her as she was a director of Chevron. When she became W Bush's main advizor, they took her name off the ship. The oil war in Iraq was hers. A million people died. She said she had no ideas planes would be used, yet Cheney was running war games assuming planes would be used on the very day of 9/11. These people are snakes. Condi said that we needed to fear the Iraq mushroom cloud. That was a lie. Condi was for Neocon regime change and Clean Break and Yinon Zionism and was likely involved in messing with the Ukraine for regime change as well. These neocons don't care if we have WW3 as they are fricken crazy.


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