I Wrote This Email to Tom Barry about Globalization

You may find this email that I wrote to Tom Barry, a think tank thinker, who has reported on Alternet, to be interesting:

Hello Tom,

I am totally opposed to the neocons. I am a liberal, registered independent. But I support gun rights. I support all rights. Anyway, you made this statement about John Bolton, and I am confused as to the meaning. You said:

"Bolton has become known as the right's most effective and strident opponent of the United Nations and all forms of global governance and international law not controlled by the U.S. government."

Are you saying Bolton is for sovereignty of the USA? He seems like an Israel firster to me. Neocons are Zionists. Zionism is a political movement as you know, not a race, nor a religion. It is a globalist movement. That is why the neocons are always a part of the Bilderberg meetings, etc.

But, alas, you are saying global governance is ok, and the differences are between those who believe in global governance without direct control of the US and those who believe in global governance with US control. Doesn't that split hairs, Tom?

Where are the people who are opposed to global governance, period? You know, people who are for a sovereign nation and oppose empire? Where are those guys, Tom?

BTW, I am disappointed that Alternet fails to report the 9/11 conspiracy and Sandy Hook Hoax. Not much of an Alter Net.

Gary Anderson

It is amazing to me how people inside the beltway just assume that global governance is the way. It is not the way. It is a way towards disaster and abdication of sovereignty and America first, for Americans.

Here is a way to contact Tom, so if you disagree with him, let him know.


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