Michelle Bachmann Is a Traitor Perhaps? Jewish Americans Beware of That Woman!

Some Jewish Americans sent a letter to crazed neocon-leaning Democratic senators and told them to back off more sanctions against Iran. This is while the peace process is proceeding. This was a bold America first position. It is in the national interest of the United States to make peace with Iran. It is in the national interest for America to avoid potential nuclear war with Russia over Iran.

Yet, Michelle Bachmann says that those Jewish Americans are selling out Israel. I don't understand how peace with Iran could sell out Israel. That peace would secure Israel. And who does Bachmann think she is to tell Jewish Americans that they should not reflect the American foreign policy interest?

Bachmann would sell out the USA to war with Iran and potential self destruction? Why doesn't she move to Israel if she wants to put Israel first? It isn't like Israel isn't made more safe with peace but Israel doesn't want peace. Israel wants regime change and continual war as do the neocons in America. But, America is not going to engage in continual war. America has had enough war, and Bachmann does not speak for any but a few crazed neocons who want to destroy the world.

Bachmann is a nut case, and American Jews would do well to follow their loyalties instead of listening to that woman.


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