My Views on Zionism, the Ukraine and Sandy Hook as Posted and Denied Posting, on Amazon Author Forum

 I was following a thread at the Amazon author forum and posted this in response to the Ukraine fiasco:

Calling Putin "Hitler" and Obama "Chamberlain" is just main stream media (MSM) propaganda. Here is the truth: the possibly Zionistic president shares power with the Neo Nazi Svoboda Party. That party has been accused of anti-semitism many times. My natural father was Jewish and I am adopted. I view Zionism as being a powerful political movement, not a race, not a religion. I criticize Zionism for taking over the world, or at least trying to. The Neocons are Zionists, all of them. However, blaming one race, like the Nazi's have done, is wicked. Zionists, for example, include Dick Cheney, the Rockefellers, Patrick Clawson, etc. None of these are Jewish. So, Putin is right that anti-semites have a place in government in the Ukraine. I am not a libertarian, but Ron Paul correctly said we have been agitating in the Ukraine since 2004. That regime change mentality of the Zionist neocons has brought us the Iraq War, the Libyan War, temporary regime change in Egypt, attempted regime change in Syria, and is a Yinon plan for world domination. And now it is applied to the Ukraine. Putin fired a ballistic missile for one reason, to show the Zionists that if he goes down, they and the west go down with him. The pipelines through the Ukraine are essential to Russia's financial well being and this cannot be compared to Hitler at all.


Kenby just ask the minister of Estonia who hired the sniper murderers who killed the supporters of the new government. He said it was the new government. Notice how Zero Hedge, and Daily Kos and some Euro rags reported it, but total silence by our main stream propaganda media, CNN, Fox, MSNBC. This is the bottom line, we have been agitating in the Ukraine since 2004. We are responsible for the blood on the streets. This regime change is no different than what the neocons do in the middle east, and our military dies for the Zionist political machine. Our nation is not its own, we are owned by the banksters and their associates. Zionism is not a race, and not a religion. Liz Wahl probably doesn't even know that there was a false flag in the Ukraine. And Kenby, while we are at it, look up the Lavon Affair. It was a false flag attack by Israelis against US property in Egypt in 1954. Israel denied it for 51 years. We have given over a trillion dollars to a nation that attacked our property! Israel admitted it in 2005. Our press didn't even report it.


 Kenby, a pumped up self righteous, self important and close minded author of fluff insulted me, yet he managed to ask one good question. I attempted to answer it but was banned by the Amazon author moderator. This is my answer to Kenby:

Kenby: "Who leads this so-called Zionist world domination movement?"

The movement is lead by the major western financiers, namely the Warburgs, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, etc. Notice that not all are Jewish folks. Cheney is a Zionist and is responsible for 9/11 according to Putin, and many on the right and on the left. Patrick Clawson, who called for a false flag with regard to Iran, thinking that Romney was going to win, is not Jewish.

Rockefeller said there would be a new world order where the bankers were in charge. They go without prosecution so apparently they are. They can commit mass fraud and no one goes to jail. That is not by accident. Warburg said in 1950 to the congress of the United States: "We shall have World Government, whether or not we like it. The only question is whether World Government will be achieved by conquest or consent."

I am surprised, Kenby, that first you may not know that, and second, you would not be concerned about it if you did know it. I know it precisely because I am not an "air-polluting mean-spirited poltroon" as you say. When you say, "a closed mind that is evil" you need to look in the mirror. You are the brainwashed one. 90 percent of the media is pro Zionist.

Zionism is not a religion. Ben-Gurion was an avowed atheist and was the father of Israel. Zionism is not a race, and you can see by many, many non Jewish members, that I am correct on that and you are wrong again. Since you are wrong, wrong, wrong, you need to open your closed mind to both the 9/11 conspiracy and the Sandy Hook Hoax, and not take our bought off government, where every congressman has been made a millionaire by the elite, at its word.

And finally, Kenby, Zionism doesn't even try to keep the NWO a secret anymore. It is open about it, and the internet has made it possible for information to be shared that otherwise would not be shared. The NWO had a lock on our media without the internet. Why do you think Diane Feinstein would make the statement that free speech is a privilege, to a right? Why do you think another Zionist, Lindsey Graham, would say that bloggers should not have free speech rights? Why are you asleep, Kenby?

As far as Sandy Hook goes, shuffle off to Youtube and search for "Robbie Parker Hoax". Then watch the video that rolled before the official video shown on mass media. He laughs, he smiles, he asks if that is the card he is supposed to read. He then gets into character, using an age old method acting technique, hyperventilation, in order to cry. But notice, he doesn't have red eyes, and he doesn't have tears. There were no tears recorded that day. There were real tears on undercover boss, with real emotion. You won't see that at Sandy Hook. It was a Hoax, a massive and well planned hoax. You say the actors weren't good enough. Apparently in order to fool you they were good enough.

As far as the Ukraine goes, this method of Zionism, regime change, is active. The tampering with Ukraine started, according to Ron Paul (I am not a libertarian), in 2004. That was under George W Bush, and was clearly a neocon plan, just as the neocons interfered in Georgia, requiring Putin to save Russian people from attack there as well.



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