Adam Silver Was a Hero for Banning Sterling from the NBA for Life.

I went over to Infowars to see what the crazy libertarians were saying about the Sterling racist comments. Of course they were all defending free speech. But Sterling is not a free speech issue. He has free speech. No one is trying to deny Donald Sterling free speech.

His speech is just unacceptable as an owner of an NBA team, to be determined by the other owners, his partners.

I hope they force a sale. I hope racism is ignored and despised. Racism in Israel, in the USA, anywhere, should be despised for the evil that it is. Racism puts one man above another, how? Genetic superiority? I don't see Donald Sterling jumping out of the gym, do you?

All races are gifted with various talents. Racism is not to be tolerated although I support the right to free speech. That is why I refuse to make the case against the Zionists into a racial debate. Most Jewish people are not elite Zionists seeking world domination. That is just fact.

People need to try to think more clearly about these matters. Clear your minds and use common sense people.

Adam Silver is a Jewish guy who happens to be a hero to fairness in the USA. Whatever turns his life takes in the future, he should be honored as a hero for his decision to ban Donald Sterling from the USA.


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