Assange-US Annexing World through Spying. 5 Eyes Now 6 Eyes with Israel Added

Julian Assange spoke about the reach of spying in the US. It is a global net. The Five Eyes agreement dates back years. It is also called the UKUSA agreement. The five eyes are the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. Interesting that Assange is from New Zealand and that country does not want to help him.

The Anglo-American grouping is an obvious one. I wrote an ebook about the power of The Anglo-American Empire, Regime Change, and the Ambition of Israel and from the Wikipedia article, we see that Israel is now the Sixth Eye through the Unit 8200.

Free trade agreements have become spy agreements, giving power to American corporations in spying offshore. This is fascistic to be sure. It is corporatism run amok.


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