Finally, Huffington Post Bucks the Zionist Trend and Criticizes Israel's Arrogance Regarding the Palestinians

Huffington Post's article finally expresses the truth about Israel's arrogance and bad behavior toward the Palestinians. The HuffPost basically says that Israel is treating the Palestinians as slaves.

If the truth be known, treating them like slaves is part of the Yinon Zionist plan. Either they are to be slaves or they must leave. That is the plan! Regime change in nations in the Arab world and beyond is part of the Yinon Plan as well.

It is time the world woke up to Israel. Zionism, as I have explained here, is not a race and not a religion. It is a multi front political movement. It is a worldwide multiracial movement that seeks world domination.

I urge Americans and especially America Jews to speak out and oppose this behavior of the Zionists.


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