FYI, America Is Experiencing a Coup from the 1960's til Today. We Are Being Annexed to a Global Cabal

America is being annexed to a global cabal. There is circumstantial evidence that Zionists were involved in the assassination of President John Fitzgeral Kennedy. We know that LBJ had motive and opportunity, in Texas, and that his buddy D Harold Byrd owned the Texas Book Depository.

We know that JFK was interested in stopping the Israeli nuclear program, and that he was interested in taxing big oil, which was connected to New World Order families, through their banks. I am speaking of the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds.

We know that after the assassination of JFK, a gun law supported by Zionists which had languished, passed the congress and was signed into Law by LBJ. We know that after the assassination, oil was not taxed at the rate Kennedy hoped for. We know also that America never bothered the Israeli nuclear program again.

We know that LBJ said "others" were involved in the JFK assassination, and that is recorded on video. 

The coup continues today. It raises up when the neocons get their way. I believe it started with Thatcherism and deregulation of the banks in order to effect a massive transfer of wealth from the US middle class to the 1 percent. This transfer of wealth increased the power of the banker class.

The bankers support this militant Zionism. It is a phony Zionism, as we know that the Old Testament speaks of a peaceful Zionism replacing the Old Testament Israel. That peaceful Zionism looks to a messiah to bring in Zionism, not the wars that we have seen and occupation and regime change in the middle east and elsewhere.

If Robert and John Kennedy were assassinated in order to further a militant Zionism, which is a multiracial cabal, then we have so many other fronts opening up for these people to encroach on the liberties of a great nation in order to finish the coup.

Many liberties are in danger. Here is a partial list of current fronts opened up against America by the coup leaders who pass the torch from generation to generation.

1. gun control
2. Noahide laws
3. regime change in the Ukraine
4. regime change in Syria
5. regime change in Russia
6. regime change in Iran
7. occupation and slavery or expulsion of the Palestinians
8. false flags and hoaxes like Sandy Hook to accomplish the brainwashing of Americans
9. media teaching gun owners about false enemies so they don't know the true enemy of their rights
10. manipulation and cornering of every major financial market, stocks, housing, bonds, etc.

There is no question that this cabal prefers to stay behind the scenes, but is getting more bold and more impatient as it wants to win global domination. Make no mistake, that is the goal, or World War 3, whichever comes first. This cabal is run by a group of madmen, who want to poke the Bear, Russia. Pat Buchanan coined the phrase regarding efforts to undermine the government in Russia under the cloud of great risk to world survival. 


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