I Emailed a pro-Zionist Blog. This Clarifies My Position Regarding My Anti-Zionism

I sent this to a pro-Zionist blog that had a mailbox full. I wish the bloggers would have read it:

You say anti-Zionism is the belief that Israel should not exist.

However, your definition is limited, IMO. First, I accept the right of Israel to exist because of the UN charter permitting the existence. However, I consider myself anti-Zionist. But that is because I believe Zionism as a project or movement, is funded by international bankers and neocons who do bad things elsewhere in the world for the cause of militant Zionism.

As an aside, I think that Isaiah 9:6-7 speaks of the New Zion being one that comes in peace. I think Israel does not fit that definition. So whatever Israel is, it isn't real Zionism. But that is for another argument.

My point is, Zionism is a large, multiracial, multinational cabal that has certain worldwide goals that are disruptive to world peace, and could lead to World War 3.

So, if you are interested in discussing this matter, please let me know. I believe this Zionism, the multiracial, multinational cabal, is plain evil. I believe that cabal is responsible for 9/11, the Sandy Hook Hoax, and maybe other aweful things, patterned after the Lavon Affair, which Israel admitted to in 2005.

So, it is clear that Zionism has a narrow definition to include the acts of Israel and a broader definition which includes the world wide cabal that supports Israel and world domination.. As to the broader definition, that it is a multiracial cabal bent on world domination, I am an anti-Zionist. I accept the existence of Israel, but hope for a more just society without apartheid racism that seems to be prevailing. Supporting Israel with financial support while the occupation of the Palestinians continues makes one a Zionist. Supporting Israel with more aid than we give other nations of comparable size makes one a Zionist. The US government should not do it! Here is a small list of non Jewish Zionists.


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