I Posted This in the Comment Section of David Horowitz's Ebook

I posted this in the comment section of David Horowitz's ebook. Horowitz is so New World Order that it is nauseating. Keep in mind that Horowitz's life is lived betraying America with his globalist zeal:

Regarding Libya, as of 4/3/14, the former head of the CIA said that the interpreters of the intelligence believed there were protests at the site of the murders and they did not coverup. It was a mistake he said, but not a coverup.

But the most important thing we can learn is that regime change was a neocon policy. It was set in motion by George W Bush in Iraq and continued by Obama in Libya. But we should stay out of regime change altogether as it is the plan of Oded Yinon, a Zionist from Israel. The neocon Clean Break plan was patterned after the Yinon Plan. We are fighting Israel's foreign policy. We should fight only in our own national interest.

People can Google "Oded Yinon" and see the entire plan written by Oded Yinon online. Israel Shahak, an Israeli hero, translated it into English in 1982 to warn the Americans about the true intentions of Israel.

And how many people know about the Lavon Affair, where Israel, only 6 years old as a nation, attacked US property in Egypt in order to blame the Muslim Brotherhood. Yet recently, with regime change, the Muslim Brotherhood was actually encouraged by the Yinon Plan/Clean Break and took over for a time in Egypt. And by the way, Israel admitted to the Lavon Affair in 2005 and our main stream press didn't even report it. I believe we have suffered false flag attacks by Israel or with the help of Israel ever since.

Yinon was supported by Patrick Clawson, a Zionist. I wonder if Horowitz supports Clawson's neocon call for another false flag against citizens of the United States made just before Obama won and Romney lost? Surely Americans would be dead right now had Romney won. It is a good thing for our citizens that he did not win and that the neocons have to wait on their plans to invade Iran and perhaps destroy the world. For those of you who think Clawson only called for a false flag against Iran, you should listen or read his speech very carefully. In it he listed all the false flags against the USA, conveniently leaving off the 9/11 false flag. He was on Cheney's energy task force, so he would have implicated his boss had he included 9/11 in his list.

So, after he listed those, he said, we should start the war. The implication was a potential false flag against America blaming Iran. He then diverted from the obvious interpretation of his words to talk about a false flag against Iran.

Wake up American Patriots.


  1. Re: Oded Yinon Plan
    The land of the Abrahamic covenant belongs to the descendants of Ishmael as well as to the houses of Israel and Judah.
    Genesis 15:18

    1. I believe God has moved on, but even if he didn't move on, Isaiah 9:6-7 says that the New Zion, like the Davidic Zion, would come differently, in peace. The current Israel is not fulfilling that prophesy at all.

      Christ (the new David) came in peace, and even in Judaism, the future unrevealed Messiah, the new David, comes in peace. So Israel is not that fulfillment.

  2. Israel and the Zionist state of Israel are two very different things, one originated with the people of the Mosaic covenant, the other with a cynical political movement.

    "The anti-Semites will become our most dependable friends, the anti-Semitic countries our allies." (The Complete Diaries of Theodor Herzl. Vol. 1, page 84)

    True Tzyown, the city of David, is worlds apart from the Zionist state .

    I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.
    Rev 2:9

    1. Very insightful. A British court even ruled that Rothschild Zionism and Abrahamic Judaism aren't even the same thing. http://www.examplesofglobalization.com/2014/04/court-rules-rothschild-zionism-is-not.html


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