Is There Division in the New World Order? NWO Brezezinski Writes that Kerry Should Stand Up to Israel

This story is quite interesting. NWO operative ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKI has stated in this article that Kerry is on the right track with the peace negotiations.

The article has three significant points:

1. The authors state that the settlements are more than just unhelpful. They are downright destructive.

2. The incitement of Palestinian rhetoric that Palestine belongs to them pales when compared to Israeli actions showing all of Palestine belongs to Israel. We know, of course, that the Yinon Plan and Clean Break are roadmaps for this total control of Palestine by Israel.

3. The Palestinians cannot affirm that Israel had the right to replace the Palestinian population with a Jewish population. Yet that is what Netanyahu wants. This is wrong, and it is not fair. It also is not safe for those of other ethnic backgrounds who live in the borders of Israel and Israel's Arab citizens.

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