Rand Paul Says Cheney Was Against an Iraq War Prior to Being Halliburton CEO


Rand Paul, who I laud for peace but not for his hatred of the poor, gets it mostly right when he says that Richard Cheney was against the Iraq War on a video, and then went to work as CEO of Halliburton, and then became enamored with going into Iraq.

The only thing that Rand Paul gets wrong is that he says Cheney used 9/11 as an opportunity to go into a war that he already planned, when the truth is he planned the war and 9/11 too!

And yet we know our government covers up the lie that Cheney didn't murder people on 9/11. He did.

But the fact that Cheney was against the war before Halliburton, as recorded on a video, and then changed his mind is significant news, and we should thank Rand Paul for that.

But if one thinks like Cheney first thought, that there would be a civil war in Iraq and no exit strategy, think what would happen in Iran. It would be far worse. It is a bad idea to attack Iran, and America needs to hold the militant globalists at bay on that one. We already had Yinon globalization driving the decision to go into Iraq.

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