Sharon Said Israel Must Control the Jordan Valley. Now Former IDF General Misrahi Says the Same Thing

You must remember that the Zionist globalist cabal does not forget. It does not ever forget. The cabal does not forget the Yinon Plan, nor the Clean Break Plan, nor how to fleece the average guy in banking and lending. Sharon said, a long time ago, that the Jordan Valley must be controlled by Israel in the future.

Now a former IDF general, Avi Misrahi is saying that the Jordan Valley must be placed under control of Israel. This is nothing but a restatement of the Yinon Plan and Clean Break. All of Palestine will be returned to the control of Israel if the Zionist plans are fulfilled.

These plans of the Zionists not only include the Jordan Valley, but also slavery or expulsion for the Palestinians, regime change in all the major nations in the Arab world, regime change in the Ukraine, regime change in Russia, and most likely, if we don't die in a nuclear Holocaust, regime change in China as well.

I use the Holocaust as a word because it will make the World War 2 holocaust, which was terrible, look like a tea party. Don't be mistaken, I likely had relatives who I don't know who were destroyed in the holocaust. I am not diminishing the significance of the event. But we are talking about the destruction of billions of people in a nuclear war with Russia.

Do the leaders of Israel control this entire Zionist edifice, which is multiracial and is not a race, not even a religion? Of course they don't. But the plan is a unified one between the bankers, the neocons and the Israelis. There are a few reluctant Zionists, like Obama and maybe Hillary Clinton, who don't want to turn the earth into a damn inferno.

But the momentum is leaning that way, inferno, people. The Zionists are crazy. They are batsh*t crazy.

Just today we have Putin saying that he will clamp down on all unrest and protest in his country because he knows money is coming from the west, attempting regime change. Remember when Rome burned? And Nero played the violin or so it is said? Well, Putin could go out with 1000 missiles launched at the USA and Israel.

Who on earth would want to undermine Russia when they have thousands of warheads? Greater Israel of the Zionists is still on the table. The general proves it. The Zionists have setbacks, but the moneyed elite of Zionism has centuries of patience, as a collective culture. They waited from the Great Depression to 2003 to act, to offer the easy credit, easy money loans, that destroyed the middle class.

But they are getting overconfident. The neocon arm of Zionism is ready for war. Some are ready for nuclear war. You would think that would make the moneyed elite of Zionism worried but if they are they are showing it behind the scenes.

So, Putin signed the NGO foreign agents law, putting rights groups who are handed money by the west under a short leash.  It is extreme to have all these groups signing up as foreign agents in order to continue their activities. But Putin knows that big money funded the Ukraine revolution, 5 billion according to Secretary of State Nuland, who is married to 9/11 co conspirator, Robert Kagan.

Regime change in Russia, if it disarmed Russia, would allow Israel to dominate the middle east. It would allow Israel to finish the coup started by LBJ in the USA. The Americans would be disarmed and Noahide Laws would be embedded into the body politic. It would allow Israel, and the big money that buys into Ben-Gurion's globalist vision for Israel, to control the entire world.

It sounds "good" on paper, but it remains batsh*t crazy. 


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