The Blending of Cultures Has Grave Disadvantages in Some Nations But Not in the USA

We all know how multinational corporations seek to blend cultures for financial gain. I have no problem with McDonalds being worldwide in order to drive their business. However, I do have a hard time with the blending of cultures that often times disrespects cultures other than our own.

This disrespect is certain to cause forced blending or attempts at blending of cultures. This is simply unacceptable. There has been a backlash, for example in Russia. Traditional values are more important than the new diversity that we find in the USA. I personally believe that there is strength in diversity, but some see diversity as a way to establish the American empire.

I do believe the American empire is more focused on regime change and evil payment of moneys to unseat foreign governments. I don't believe that the US is interested in destroying the values of other nations.

There are many people in the USA, such as the inaccessable owner of Real Jew News, who believe we should stop the diversity, go back to a "Christian" atmosphere, and seek a sacral state to replace the Zionist leaning state we have now. I agree about the encroachment of Zionism as a political force. Zionism is globalization, and it is well documented. However, the solution is not to substitute one sacral religion for the pseudo religion of Zionism that we have now.

I occasionally read the Real Jew News website, and find the author to be brilliant. But I disagree with much. For example, he exalts in Patrick Henry saying that the USA was founded on the gospel. Well, while I liked Henry's statement "give me liberty or give me death", no nation can be founded upon the gospel because the gospel is not for a physical government. It has its own government, the Apostles, and has no need for a physical government, such as the United States or any other nation to help it.

So, blending national cultures by going back to the past is a big mistake as it will only cause repression. As far as tolerance of evil, that is another matter. I believe that the physical nations have to tolerate some evil in order to insure all people have rights. That may not be something Russia is ready to do regarding gay rights. I believe America's strength is in diversity, so that we are able to tolerate gun rights, blogging rights, free speech, freedom of religion in a way that other nations cannot.

But the hope for me is that this diversity and tolerance will lead Americans to an understanding of who the real enemy from within is, and it is the Zionist multiracial cabal that seeks world domination. That cabal is not interested in diversity or tolerance, but rather world domination is the only thing these crazy men and women believe in. It is their god.

Some nations oppose abortion, which is an evil that we tolerate in order to preserve separation of church and state and hence, increase religious freedom in the long run. Not all nations can see that as a goal. Americans need to stand for our rights, our freedoms. If we limit others they could limit us.

Our freedoms keep America free, and we are being encroached upon by the globalist cabal, which is a Zionism that is not made up of one race. Many if not all races are involved in this Zionism.

It is wrong to single out a race for persecution. Many Gentiles love Zionism and many Jewish people abhore it. Zionism is not just an establishment of Israel, although an argument can be made that a real Zion comes in peace. No, Zionism, the militant kind, is a global movement for regime change. It doesn't care so much about cultural fusion as it does about government loyalty to the cabal.

It spends money on regime change in the middle east, in the Ukraine and elsewhere. It is a killing machine, this Zionist cabal. Syrian refugees exist because the cabal wants regime change in Syria.

The human condition is difficult enough without this cabal ruining the world. We need to spot the enemy of our rights and this cabal, though subtle and sometimes secretive, is the threat to the rights of Americans and to our nation as we know it. 


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