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Bad Trend Breaking: Retail Results Not Better Than Expected, But Worse Than Ever! � The Burning Platform

Bad Trend Breaking: Retail Results Not Better Than Expected, But Worse Than Ever! � The Burning Platform  America has 47 square feet of retail space per capita while Germany has 12. What is going on? How can this retail sustain itself? Just wondering. If anyone can tell me please feel free to post below.

Larry Summers and the Globalists Killed the Middle Class and Needs Them to Borrow More, Lol.

I posted this originally at the Larry Summers article, and then posted it at Patrick's site. I have to repost the conversation here: smaulgld says Larry Summers three days ago Smaulgold, here is my response that I posted on that Larry Summers article: This is sort of humorous in that the greed of lenders was apparent in all the student loans made in the first place. So, the lenders house cannot survive against itself? Oh, the horror? Lenders are greedy pigs. They didn’t want to ease off underwater homeowners. They don’t want to forgive part of student loan debt. They finally have what they want, Americans in debt up to their eyeballs. And yet it still isn’t enough for the greedy banksters. Now people can’t afford to go into debt to buy a price inflated house. They expect miracles from the middle class that they ruined by sending jobs offshore. Idiots. They are idiots. Globalist idiots.

Proof Robbie Parker Claimed He Was at Sandy Hook School and at Hospital at the Exact Same Time

Robbie Parker claimed that he was at the Sandy Hook school and at the hospital where he claimed to work at the very same time. This is pure fraud and not only have we proved him an actor and not the parent of a deceased child, but it is proven here that he was on his cell phone in front of the school and at the hospital in a lock down at the very same time. Robbie Parker is a fraudster and a liar and an evil man who deserves to be prosecuted: Please understand that Robbie Parker was part of the Zionist cabal, a multiracial cabal, that seeks war and world domination along with disarming US citizens by limiting the ammunition they can carry. Zionism is not a race, nor is it a religion. It is a militant cabal of wealthy people from many nations that seeks world domination or WW3, whichever comes first. This cabal is the most dangerous political association known to man, ever. It includes the Department of Homeland Security and at least part of the CIA, along with the wealthiest me

The Department of Homeland Security Is a Zionist Cabal. It Buys Up Ammunition to Establish Shortages and for Ultimate War?

The Department of Homeland Security was set up by Zionists to cover up the 9/11 conspiracy. The Department of Homeland Security is buying up ammunition to make sure shortages occur and buy hollow points for possible use on Americans. This may not be an active plan to hurt Americans with this ammo, however, I would not put it past these tyrannical madmen if massive economic upheaval ever visited the USA. Now, I don't have proof that they will use these on Americans, but the DHS has access to PRIVATE armies. Some of those private armies were on hand at the Boston Marathon bombing. I thought that was strange, indeed. Obviously the coup that began with the assassination of JFK is not completed. I believe that coup was led by LBJ but backed by Zionists who got their first gun control bill of 1968 passed after the assassinations of JFK and MLK. Don't be fooled, as many liberals were fooled during the 1960's. I am a liberal for gun rights. I view the efforts of the DHS and

The Killing of Pets with Chinese Pet Food Is an Example of Globalization Gone Bad and Petco's Response

Petco has promised to stop selling pet food from China because of ongoing problems with the treats, etc, making the pets sick. This is globalization and is an example of our government and our wealthy folks wanting to screw American consumers with globalization. I always hear Mr Wonderful, Kevin O'Leary, saying that everything has to be made offshore. Well, it turns out that making dog food in China is a really bad idea, Kevin. And you are a bad idea, Mr Wonderful. Here is the article showing Petco's good intentions for the future. Here is an article I wrote awhile back when I contributed to Business Insider about your furniture making you sick if it was imported from some Asian nations. Thanks again, Globalization! I do buy pet toys from China. They are normally fine. But I stopped buying pet food from China a long time ago. 

Our Wicked CIA Gave Little Children Fake Vaccines. They Also Facilitated 9/11 and the Sandy Hook Hoax

Update: Some reports have shown that the vaccines not given, as part of a CIA hoax, were Hepatitis B vaccines. The first shot was given but it takes three to immunize. Their was never an intent to give the other two vaccines to these children. Harvesting DNA was the only goal of this disgusting CIA.  These Hepatitis B vaccines are even more important in Pakistan, where Hepatitis is rampant. So then, the reaction to this hoax has been for militants to chase away workers who are trying to FINALLY eradicate polio. That campaign could fail if the vaccines are not given, as there is now an outbreak of polio in Pakistan, one of three nations where it must be stamped out in order to fully kill of this massive plague. I remember polio and how it was feared. It could come back if these vaccines are not given.  ---------------------------- (Original Post) Our wicked CIA gave little children in Pakistan fake polio vaccines, leading to an outbreak of polio in that nation. This is disgusting

The Banks Own the Government. All Loans Have an Implicit Guarantee Says Greenspan Allan Greenspan admitted to what we all knew, that the Bernanke Backstop, an implicit guarantee of all mortgage loans is in place for JP Morgan. This means, of course, that the government is owned totally by the banksters, and they are globalists with no allegiance to the United States of America. Greenspan is a traitor to the USA and so is JPM. Banksters and Zionists (the multiracial cabal) rule America... And it is obvious that banks have been granted moral hazard to offer loans that are less than sound so that they need to be guaranteed by government! Buyer beware, of the banksters!

The Greedy Biden Bastards Give Us Reason to Get Out of Ukrainian Business

Hunter Biden is profiting off of his dad's schmoozing with the pro west Ukrainian government. We bought and paid for that government according to neocon Secretary of State Nuland (married to Robert Kagan). It cost 5 billion to disrupt the politics of the Ukraine. Then it took 3.5 billion in aid. And the Bidens are into this up to their eyeballs. It is sickening, and disgusting. It is like Cheney being up to his sordid eyeballs in Genie Energy, which Israel gave permission to explore the occupied Golan Heights for energy. That is sickening because Cheney stands to gain from the demise of Syria. And Biden stands to gain from the demise of the Ukraine He is gaining financially from the deaths of Ukrainians based upon US policy that has disrupted the place! One commenter on the above article said this: All wars are bankster wars, Biden's kid is just another pig feeding from the trough. Another said this:  What a disgrace. A big joke. This is dis

Lincoln's Greenbacks Were Fiat Money with Just a Promise of Redemption.

This article was edited on 10/22/2014: Abraham Lincoln issued the Greenbacks. They helped pay for the Civil War. Gary North has argued that the Greenback was not pure fiat money and was backed by gold, and Ellen Brown says the opposite.  Turns out there were two banking acts that are confused. The National Banking Act of 1863-64 used bonds as collateral for the dollars issued. The Greenbacks, however, were issued by the Legal Tender Act of 1862 with just a promise to redeem and no collateral offered.Wikipedia reports: One of the first attempts of the nation to issue a national currency came in the early days of the Civil War when Congress approved the Legal Tender Act of 1862 , allowing the issue of $150 million in national notes known as greenbacks and mandating that paper money be issued and accepted in lieu of gold and silver coins. The bills were backed only by the national government's promise to redeem them and their value was dependent on public confidence in

When You Call a Man a Fraudster You Should Call Him a Geithner! My Comments on Geithner on Amazon

I commented about Tim Geithner who has a new book, Stress Test:Reflections on the Financial Crisis , on Amazon. Here are my comments: Of all the people who were involved in the financial crisis, Tim Geithner make me the most nauseous. This man said he was a civil servant or words to that effect, but in reality he was the PRIVATE New York Federal Reserve president and his tenure started just as bogus AAA bonds were being packaged and sold throughout the world by Henry Paulson and others. That was securities fraud because the bonds were fraudulent. Yet Geithner, as a PRIVATE Fed employee, did nothing to stop it! Not only that, Paulson became Treasury Secretary and then Geithner followed, in order to make sure these foul deeds were never brought to justice. Paulson and Geithner were the two players most to blame regarding the sale of those securities, doomed to fail bonds rated AAA by a formula that banksters knew was fake. People will buy this book because they want t

I Don't Deny the Jewish Holocaust and Zionists Should Not Deny This Smaller but Evil Holocaust I disagree with Henry Makow regarding the substitution of sacralism for the Zionist cabal we have today. Truth is, sacralism is not Christian. But Makow is right that the Zionists have a Holocaust, and that Holocaust was a small but evil murdering of Arabs living in Palestine. This murder caused many Arabs to flee Palestine, and hundreds of villages to be abandoned and replaced by Jewish settlers. Even Albert Einstein opposed this substitution. I hope people realize that as we don't deny the holocaust, we have to hold the Zionists responsible for the racist subjugation of the Palestinians who are treated like slaves. Israel has become a min Germany, and the Third Reich has been replaced by a Fourth Reich with the backing of the richest bankers in the world. Truth is, while Zionism is a multiracial cabal, it is also racist as it applies its doctrine to the Palestinians.

Americans Cannot Repeat the Mistake of Adolph Hitler and Neither Should Putin

Adolph Hitler made crucial mistakes because of his racism , in his efforts to oppose the credit based society, the New World Order.  Putin of Russia appears to be making some of the mistakes that Hitler made. He is clamping down on homosexuals. He is clamping down on Free Speech, eliminating cursing and political dissent. He probably needs to clamp down on political groups receiving funding from our neocons. But free speech should be maintained. Hitler failed by blaming an entire race and by elevating his race to racial superiority. Putin is starting to elevate his morality and that is always dangerous in a government culture. Governments have done that in the past resulting in repression of views that may have been superior to the view held by said government. Religious wars have been another evil result. Putin is rightfully concerned with the continual regime change of the banksters and the neocons. He is concerned about the seemingly unlimited ambition of the New World Order. Th

If You Are Tired of Google and Yahoo Spying on You, Try Search

If you don't want to be tracked by big brother government, use a search engine that does not spy or track you, . It is past time we continue to have our web browsing continually tracked by big brother. They said it was just for business, which I could accept, but then the government ruined it by seeking info for their phony war on terror. Oh, and Sandy Hook was a Hoax and 9/11 was a deadly conspiracy. These government agencies are out of control for the globalist cause. So, help out a little by using the new search. Hopefully it will stay true to its claims.

Jewish Blacks Treated Poorly in Israel but Non Jewish Blacks Are Terrorized and Vandalized

I have written about Jewish blacks in Israel being limited in some freedoms, due to their predating the racist Talmud. Some are called the N word frequently, and are subject to rent boycotts. However, it also appears that non Jewish blacks, who have come due to persecutions in Africa, have been abused while in Israel, even thrown in prison for long periods of time. The reason is not that Israel cannot accommodate these people, but because Israelis are exhibiting a vile racist xenophobia even though these people have lived for some time in Israel and are doing work that the Israelis choose not to do. That racist xenophobia is quite disturbing as seen in the following video: That Israel has the right to keep new arrivals out is acknowledged. But surely the government is concerned about the racism and depravity shown by citizens who fear the "infiltrators", irrationally. In discussing those who are already in Israel, many have children who are Israelis, and have worke