Americans Cannot Repeat the Mistake of Adolph Hitler and Neither Should Putin

Adolph Hitler made crucial mistakes because of his racism, in his efforts to oppose the credit based society, the New World Order. 

Putin of Russia appears to be making some of the mistakes that Hitler made. He is clamping down on homosexuals. He is clamping down on Free Speech, eliminating cursing and political dissent. He probably needs to clamp down on political groups receiving funding from our neocons. But free speech should be maintained. Hitler failed by blaming an entire race and by elevating his race to racial superiority. Putin is starting to elevate his morality and that is always dangerous in a government culture. Governments have done that in the past resulting in repression of views that may have been superior to the view held by said government. Religious wars have been another evil result.

Putin is rightfully concerned with the continual regime change of the banksters and the neocons. He is concerned about the seemingly unlimited ambition of the New World Order. This New World Order is made up of really crazy people. God will ultimately oppose this New World Order, but it would be nice if some governments opposed it and limited its ambition. We don't want the New World Order to have absolute power, which corrupts absolutely.

But Putin may be blowing it. Hitler blew it by saying the Jews were not Germans. Even though the Jews were more represented in the army, Hitler denied this. Likewise, people in America who target blacks need to understand that they are at least equally represented in the military as any other race.

Putin is relegating gay people to second class citizenry, and that is a mistake as well. One could say that Russia does not have a history of diversity, but it is never too late to start. Tolerance is a good thing. Intolerance is a very bad thing for societies. 

Hitler understood that the New World Order would control nations through banking. So does Putin, as all the sanctions being applied by Obama are in the realm of banking. Article after article is published about what America is about to do to Russia with banking.

Even the cornering of the oil markets could be used against Putin, who relies on a decent price for oil to prevent financial meltdown in his nation.

But the danger here is obvious. We can force Putin into a nuclear war. He cannot win and we cannot win. But our New World Order banking power can push Putin into a corner that will result in serious war, that could spin out of control.

Hitler made the fatal error of blaming an entire race and by elevating his race. But we know the bankers are multiracial. And most Jews are not bankers. Many contribute real assets to society and should not be persecuted for the deeds of the elite. It just isn't right! 

We have proof now that the Zionists are a false friend of the Jews, having thrown the Jews under the bus, so to speak, to increase their power and win their goals. Perhaps Jews in the days of Hitler were not so well informed! Even now, many Jews are trying to get by in life, and the Zionist comes up and tells them they are less than Jewish because they are not Zionists! That is wicked.
[And I do not believe Hitler offered a fair analysis then, as many followers of Judaism did not see militant Zionism as being right at all. Hitler's hatred blinded him to an educational opportunity to isolate the Zionists and teach the Jews. He took the low road of exile and murder instead. What did he want, for the liberal Jews to kill the Zionists for him? I think he should have encouraged the liberal Jews but he chose to drive them all out of the nation, and his racism ultimately caused the Holocaust.]

We know that a British court has ruled that militant Zionism is not Abrahamic Judaism. Many Jewish groups exist that oppose Zionism as not being fundamentally Jewish. Many Jews in America just ignore Israel. Young Jews are starting to just ignore Israel and all the confusion completely!

Hitler fought the New World Order, and he should have assessed the impossibility of that battle, especially through the evils of racism and hatred. It only gave the Zionists more power over the Jewish people and on the stage of world affairs. Hitler brought his prejudices to the table, and they ended up clouding his judgement, causing him to behave wickedly and unjustly toward innocent people. Putin has a lot more power. He has a chance to establish a just society, but tolerance does not seem to be his strong point.

The war against the New World Order can only really be fought through frugality, peace, education, and ultimately faith that God will judge the bankers and neocons for their evil ways. 



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