I Don't Deny the Jewish Holocaust and Zionists Should Not Deny This Smaller but Evil Holocaust


I disagree with Henry Makow regarding the substitution of sacralism for the Zionist cabal we have today. Truth is, sacralism is not Christian. But Makow is right that the Zionists have a Holocaust, and that Holocaust was a small but evil murdering of Arabs living in Palestine.

This murder caused many Arabs to flee Palestine, and hundreds of villages to be abandoned and replaced by Jewish settlers. Even Albert Einstein opposed this substitution.

I hope people realize that as we don't deny the holocaust, we have to hold the Zionists responsible for the racist subjugation of the Palestinians who are treated like slaves. Israel has become a min Germany, and the Third Reich has been replaced by a Fourth Reich with the backing of the richest bankers in the world.

Truth is, while Zionism is a multiracial cabal, it is also racist as it applies its doctrine to the Palestinians.


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