Jewish Blacks Treated Poorly in Israel but Non Jewish Blacks Are Terrorized and Vandalized

I have written about Jewish blacks in Israel being limited in some freedoms, due to their predating the racist Talmud. Some are called the N word frequently, and are subject to rent boycotts. However, it also appears that non Jewish blacks, who have come due to persecutions in Africa, have been abused while in Israel, even thrown in prison for long periods of time.

The reason is not that Israel cannot accommodate these people, but because Israelis are exhibiting a vile racist xenophobia even though these people have lived for some time in Israel and are doing work that the Israelis choose not to do. That racist xenophobia is quite disturbing as seen in the following video:

That Israel has the right to keep new arrivals out is acknowledged. But surely the government is concerned about the racism and depravity shown by citizens who fear the "infiltrators", irrationally. In discussing those who are already in Israel, many have children who are Israelis, and have worked without protest in Israel for years, some even owning legitimate businesses.

One thing must be understood, racist violence is evil. It appears that racism is starting to fuel the Israeli way of life. America cannot support this behavior and should not be doing so. Even Knesset leaders are involved in the racist rallies and that is odious.

And if Israel cannot treat Ethiopian Jews fairly, even though they are protected by the Law of Return, the nation is not worth supporting with massive foreign aid, as our values have nothing to do with their values. Israel is a reminder of bad behavior by Americans in years past.  

And the treatment of the Ethiopians, which spills over into the treatment of the infiltrators, just proves that Israel is a very racist nation right now, and doesn't have to wait to prove it anymore like John Kerry thinks. No, the nation is very racist now, and those who try to oppose the racism are often persecuted themselves.


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