Larry Summers and the Globalists Killed the Middle Class and Needs Them to Borrow More, Lol.

I posted this originally at the Larry Summers article, and then posted it at Patrick's site. I have to repost the conversation here:

smaulgld says
Larry Summers three days ago
Smaulgold, here is my response that I posted on that Larry Summers article:
This is sort of humorous in that the greed of lenders was apparent in all the student loans made in the first place. So, the lenders house cannot survive against itself? Oh, the horror?
Lenders are greedy pigs. They didn’t want to ease off underwater homeowners. They don’t want to forgive part of student loan debt. They finally have what they want, Americans in debt up to their eyeballs. And yet it still isn’t enough for the greedy banksters. Now people can’t afford to go into debt to buy a price inflated house. They expect miracles from the middle class that they ruined by sending jobs offshore. Idiots. They are idiots. Globalist idiots.


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