Our Wicked CIA Gave Little Children Fake Vaccines. They Also Facilitated 9/11 and the Sandy Hook Hoax

Update: Some reports have shown that the vaccines not given, as part of a CIA hoax, were Hepatitis B vaccines. The first shot was given but it takes three to immunize. Their was never an intent to give the other two vaccines to these children. Harvesting DNA was the only goal of this disgusting CIA.

 These Hepatitis B vaccines are even more important in Pakistan, where Hepatitis is rampant. So then, the reaction to this hoax has been for militants to chase away workers who are trying to FINALLY eradicate polio.

That campaign could fail if the vaccines are not given, as there is now an outbreak of polio in Pakistan, one of three nations where it must be stamped out in order to fully kill of this massive plague. I remember polio and how it was feared. It could come back if these vaccines are not given. 
(Original Post) Our wicked CIA gave little children in Pakistan fake polio vaccines, leading to an outbreak of polio in that nation. This is disgusting. John Kennedy wanted to get rid of the CIA. That could have contributed to his assassination. The department is not worthy of continuing. It is a vile and evil creation that should be destroyed if our government really cares about doing the right thing.

Wake up Americans. This was a CIA hoax. The Sandy Hook incident was a CIA hoax and the former president of Italy said that the CIA and Mossad did 9/11/2001!

When will this abuse end? The CIA should be dissolved, yesterday. Kennedy was a hero, and the CIA is a coward of a department! WTF?

See No More Fake Vaccination Campaigns

Just remember, Sandy Hook Hoax coverup cable tv star, Anderson Cooper, is ex CIA.

The Muslim population feared that the children were being poisoned by these programs. Well, they weren't poisoned, but they weren't getting protection from dreaded polio.

Polio workers have died, being murdered, and part of this has been because of the backlash caused by an outbreak of polio that should never have happened!

Please, leaders of our nation, get rid of the CIA. It is the only decent thing to do. 


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