Proof Robbie Parker Claimed He Was at Sandy Hook School and at Hospital at the Exact Same Time

Robbie Parker claimed that he was at the Sandy Hook school and at the hospital where he claimed to work at the very same time. This is pure fraud and not only have we proved him an actor and not the parent of a deceased child, but it is proven here that he was on his cell phone in front of the school and at the hospital in a lock down at the very same time.

Robbie Parker is a fraudster and a liar and an evil man who deserves to be prosecuted:

Please understand that Robbie Parker was part of the Zionist cabal, a multiracial cabal, that seeks war and world domination along with disarming US citizens by limiting the ammunition they can carry. Zionism is not a race, nor is it a religion. It is a militant cabal of wealthy people from many nations that seeks world domination or WW3, whichever comes first. This cabal is the most dangerous political association known to man, ever. It includes the Department of Homeland Security and at least part of the CIA, along with the wealthiest men in the world, including Rothschilds and Rockefellers, and the neocons, like Cheney, who made 9/11 happen in 2001.


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