The Greedy Biden Bastards Give Us Reason to Get Out of Ukrainian Business

Hunter Biden is profiting off of his dad's schmoozing with the pro west Ukrainian government. We bought and paid for that government according to neocon Secretary of State Nuland (married to Robert Kagan). It cost 5 billion to disrupt the politics of the Ukraine. Then it took 3.5 billion in aid.

And the Bidens are into this up to their eyeballs. It is sickening, and disgusting. It is like Cheney being up to his sordid eyeballs in Genie Energy, which Israel gave permission to explore the occupied Golan Heights for energy. That is sickening because Cheney stands to gain from the demise of Syria.

And Biden stands to gain from the demise of the Ukraine He is gaining financially from the deaths of Ukrainians based upon US policy that has disrupted the place!

One commenter on the above article said this:

All wars are bankster wars, Biden's kid is just another pig feeding from the trough.
Another said this:

 What a disgrace. A big joke. This is disgusting. This is truly the biggest disgrace I have read about in over 30 years. Fuc%ing sickening.
These greedy Mofos are nothing more than scum. They are lower than pond scum in the scheme of things. The blood is on their hands, and they will pay a heavy price in the world to come.

But for now, it is just disgusting to watch.

And add to this the danger of world war and it is greed on a level of irresponsibility that is simply never acceptable on this planet. The following comment on the above link to the Business Insider article is a warning to families that the army is a way for your kid to fight and die for Biden's greedy bastard son:

Word of advice to anyone in the military. Quit now or never join. To all the fathers and mothers out there. Never let your son or daughter join up to the military. Don't let them bait you with free college. Your kids will be fighting for people like Biden's son. This is truly sickening.
Joe Biden says he does not endorse his son's appointment, but really, does it matter? 


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