The Killing of Pets with Chinese Pet Food Is an Example of Globalization Gone Bad and Petco's Response

Petco has promised to stop selling pet food from China because of ongoing problems with the treats, etc, making the pets sick. This is globalization and is an example of our government and our wealthy folks wanting to screw American consumers with globalization.

I always hear Mr Wonderful, Kevin O'Leary, saying that everything has to be made offshore. Well, it turns out that making dog food in China is a really bad idea, Kevin. And you are a bad idea, Mr Wonderful.

Here is the article showing Petco's good intentions for the future.

Here is an article I wrote awhile back when I contributed to Business Insider about your furniture making you sick if it was imported from some Asian nations. Thanks again, Globalization!

I do buy pet toys from China. They are normally fine. But I stopped buying pet food from China a long time ago. 


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