When You Call a Man a Fraudster You Should Call Him a Geithner! My Comments on Geithner on Amazon

I commented about Tim Geithner who has a new book, Stress Test:Reflections on the Financial Crisis, on Amazon. Here are my comments:

Of all the people who were involved in the financial crisis, Tim Geithner make me the most nauseous. This man said he was a civil servant or words to that effect, but in reality he was the PRIVATE New York Federal Reserve president and his tenure started just as bogus AAA bonds were being packaged and sold throughout the world by Henry Paulson and others. That was securities fraud because the bonds were fraudulent. Yet Geithner, as a PRIVATE Fed employee, did nothing to stop it!

Not only that, Paulson became Treasury Secretary and then Geithner followed, in order to make sure these foul deeds were never brought to justice. Paulson and Geithner were the two players most to blame regarding the sale of those securities, doomed to fail bonds rated AAA by a formula that banksters knew was fake.

People will buy this book because they want to pick Geithner's brain, no doubt to blow bubbles in the future in a way that won't send them to jail. But for me, I can't do it.

Oh, and then Geithner went to treasury as a Fed Mole, where he made Goldman Sachs, Paulson's sleazebag of a company, whole, when even GS was not seeking to be made whole. And he didn't claw back any future profits from GS. What is risk when the government lets you take all the risk you want and you know the government will bail you out? There is moral hazard there, yet the banksters were warning of moral hazard of bailing out the homeowners buried underwater because of the crash brought on by the crooks!

I don't know if it would have been right to have bailed out the homeowners, but I know it was wrong to bail out Goldman Sachs and these risk takers with no effort made to clawback money from them. Yes, the government made money from AIG, but in reality the banks have been given massive discounts on money from the Fed just to cover the bad loans. And yet they want more easy money.

The TBTF banks want more easy money in the form of a guarantee of all mortgages, and yet Geithner didn't stop the moral hazard by requiring massive clawbacks from the banksters who spread the fraudulent bonds all over the world.

Geithner makes me sick. He is a disgusting individual who should go down in history as being an evil man, working for an evil cartel that has hurt America and destroyed the greatness of the nation. He was single handedly responsible for stopping prosecutions of the banksters for fraud. He is fraud, the worst kind of fraud, who violated the public trust in a way few have done on such a large scale. People should call fraudsters going forward "Geithners". Tim Geithner is a two bit crook for the globalist cartel. He isn't even a patriotic American.


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