Because of Larry Eagleburger's Statement about Nuclear War I believe the USA Is Exploring First Strike Capability

Larry Eagleburger stated on the now defunct Kudlow Report, that nuclear war with the Russians was inevitable. After he passed away, his neocons have not lost sight of the insane goal of first strike.

Clearly, first strike posits that we survive while China and Russia are destroyed. That would make the radical eugenics fanatics happy as we cull population from the masses so that there is more to go around for us.

But there is only one problem with this scenario, it won't work. Nuclear winter and fallout will cause the entire earth to be destroyed. Paul Craig Roberts has said this plan is still in effect, even though it is doomed to fail.

Some have sought to compare the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis with today. Of course, then, no one wanted war, and yet the USSR had fewer weapons than now. Today, the neocons, those crazy mofos who control much of American foreign policy, want nuclear war and think we can survive even though Russia has over 30 times as many active nukes as in 1962.

This is why I believe that the neocons are the most dangerous assholes existing in the world, and they are Zionists. Only big oil and big banking wings of Zionism could stop the crazy neocons and even that is questionable.

Read: False Flag Murdering Neocon Crazies on Amazon for more insight into these crazy bastards.


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