Bill Kristol Made an Utter Fool Out of Himself on CNN Tonight

Bill Kristol wants boots on the ground in disintegrating Iraq, a nation he helped to disintegrate through regime change neocon doctrine. Read all about Yinon Zionism by searching this blog and you will see the evil it is causing.

Now regime change is out of control, and Kristol wants boots on the ground. Yet boots on the ground are certain to cause us to take sides. Yet Kristol doesn't want the US to take sides between the Shiites and Sunnis either.

So, he wants America to be bogged down into an impossible situation that we would not even have to worry about if he neocons would have avoided regime change in Iraq in 2001.

The neocons, and Bill Kristol, founder of PNAC, are nothing but New World Order, globalist, troublemakers.

I am pretty sure they kindled the unrest in Syria, which is related to this Iraq disintegration. The neocons are blind in their desire for world domination, but are just terminally stupid as well.


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