Globalists Lie and Divert as They Blame Middle Class Demise on Automation

While automation has had an impact on the decline of the middle class, the loss of manufacturing jobs and reduction of pay from globalization has been swept under the rug by a whole host of articles and studies, including a recent one from the Federal Reserve.

The Fed is not a patriotic body. It is a globalist central bank that is privately owned. I have proven this many times in my ebooks, including How to Fight NWO Economics. That is fact, the Fed wants you to support globalization. This is what they do.

But automation is just a part of it. Wage pay decreases can be directly linked to globalization and the growth of big business, accompanied by the weakening of the position of labor in the process.

Labor is treated like crap, and big business is conning us into thinking they are not at fault. But they are at fault. And the governments that fail to exert their sovereignty are at fault as well.

Dave Cohen eloquently explains this situation and the injustice of it all better than I could hope to:

Many called what we had (and still have, sans a housing market) a FIRE economy (finance, insurance & real estate). And if you've got a FIRE economy, and Middle Class Americans are being squeezed, a Housing Bubble makes all the sense in the world. Those in finance and real estate prosper, while those buying houses are led to believe they are acquiring wealth (in home equity) for the first time in three decades. Then the bubble pops, and what does the government do? It bails out the too-big-to-fail banks, who effectively own the Congress, and run economic policy at the Treasury and in the White House. The Housing Bubble "wealth" has vanished now, but for the Middle Class, outside defaults, the debt remains.
So, basically, without a growing and vibrant middle class flourishing once again, we are an empire in decline. We will have to see if more bubble will be blown to give folks a sense of wealth, or if the decline just continues from here. Even Henry Blodget of Business Insider says corporations simply must pay their workers more. And Seattle moved to establish the $15 dollar minimum wage.

We need to keep an eye on all of these events going forward. 


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