A Guy on the Yahoo Comment Boards Remembered Me from Business Insider Days

I posted on Yahoo that Business Insider has become such a voice for the New World Order as time goes on and that this was disgusting. An anonymous fellow named Damian responded and it encouraged me and touched my heart to know some people thought I was trying to do good there:

Your contribution has been sorely missed.
The trash bins have been overflowing at Business Insider since you quit as their janitor.

It is gratifying to hear something like this because you are either for or against the globalists. And many who are against the globalists are ignorant racists who don't get it right. We have to get it right. We have to avoid condemning any one race, and realize and teach that militant Zionism is an elite cabal made up of all races. There are members of the cabal of almost every single race and it will continue to be that way until the end.

We have to take the high moral ground and fight the cabal with our warnings and actions in a way that is peaceful, but strong. We cannot back down from telling the truth, because you know there are Damians out there who listen.

My Days at Business Insider as a Contributor of Articles


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